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Marine Colonel has the final word!

The below email was forwarded to me by a best friend, fellow Marine, and brother with whom I served several times, but first aboard the “Mighty Chi,” the USS Chicago  CG-11. I was the MarDet XO and he, then Capt. Charlie Tyrian, the CO. One of my worst tours of duty, I was to spend the first year as XO, then when he departed I was to fleet up to be the CO. However, I pulled some strings for the first and only time in my career and to get the hell off after the first year. I tired of watching Naval Officers shit on enlisted men (it’s all in the book). 

Anyway, I do not know the Colonel who actually wrote the below piece, but he definitely has command of the English language and makes his point loud, clear, and concise that any idiot “should” be able to understand, but they won’t. And as for the scum who started this whole thing (my Senator, and I use that term loosely, Durbin, he surely falls into the category described below.

And the Marine Colonel has the final word!!!

Don’t know about you, but I have been somewhat amazed & amused by the outpouring of distress regarding the use of the vulgar word “shithole.”

Now, as an Officer of Marines, I worked very hard at avoiding obscene verbiage, although admittedly some times without success.  The avoidance of profane language was, in truth, a much greater challenge.  With regard to vulgar terminology…  well let’s say I learned at the feet of the most talented and original users and creators of vulgar terminology: Marine Staff Non-Commissioned Officers! 

The essential element in the deciphering of any language, be it orthodox or non-orthodox, is identifying to what does the word infer or refer. In the case of the word in question, “shithole” refers to a PLACE and not a person or a people.  For one to refer in a vulgar manner to a person or a people, the appropriate term would be “shithead” or“dickhead” or better yet, the more popular “asshole.”

Typically, the word “shithole” would be used in two consecutive and highly dependent sentences:  “Jeez, what a shithole!” followed immediately by “Clean this shithole up!!!”  In neither sentence does the word “shithole” refer to its inhabitants, although there may be an asshole or two in the group.

No doubt Marines and our brethren Soldiers clearly comprehend this distinction.  Air Force officers surely would not use such language, and besides, they have contract laborers to clean things up.  Similarly, the use of the word would be beneath the dignity of a Navy officer; that’s why they have Chiefs and “Swabbies.”

Like many of you to whom this email is addressed, I have been to a “shithole” or two in my time.  I believe I know of which I speak.  Certainly, we have seen our share in Southeast Asia, but until you have stood in some wadi shithole in the Sudan or Somalia or Oman… well, you haven’t lived!

So, in the interest of enlightening the over-educated, yet blithely ignorant masses, you have my permission to disseminate the important distinction in the use of vulgar terminology that I have attempted to illuminate.

Peace be with you. Semper Fidelis!

Tony Latorre Col USMC (Ret)


Someone, anyone, dare to tell me what president, at least in my lifetime (76) who would do what President Trump did here? I can think of one or two who “might” have, but you can bet the last fellow would not had taken time from his schedule. Please copy, past, watch and listen to the video, then pass it on to your progressive friends, that is if you have any. I don’t, so you can pass a few for me. He even made the wounded officer laugh! God bless you sir!

I wonder how CNN will air this, probably be blamed for holding up air traffic at the airport.


Are you a USAA Member?

I just sent the following message to my once-favorite American Corporation. I have my principles as I thought they did as well. Who knows what’s next – press one for English?


This message is meant for Mr. Stuart Parker, our CEO, and I will recognize a reply from no one except him for I believe I deserve no less. I have been a loyal member of USAA since 1974 when I, as a SNCO became eligible to join. I always considered USAA to be the MOST respected company in America, and during my thirty-six years as a Marine have probably been responsible for 100’s of Marines and sailors joining our organization. You are my bank, my investment broker, and my insurer. My five children are USAA members, as are my nine grandchildren. However, I have reached a point where I am seriously considering going back to Navy Federal for banking and mortgage help, to another brokerage house for my investment, and back to Geico for insurance.

Why? This morning I was attempting to find FOX News and happen to mistakenly click on CNN and found myself in the middle of an ad from USAA. Imagine my dismay that my once admired and highly respected company would spend “our” funds to advertise on such a biased and unethical organization that has been caught violating ethical standards and rules by their employees, e.g., leaking debate questions to a candidate. I watch FOX because, in my opinion; they are the “least” biased of all the TV news outlets. Obviously, you are free to advertise where you feel USAA will get its best bang for the least buck, but I would also expect you to consider the fallout for your choices as well. This missive will appear on my social media sources and my blog as well. I have a tough decision ahead of me now. Sign me as a highly disgruntled long-time member

Jim Bathurst 

PS If I get a reply from the “correct” person, I promise to post it as a follow-up. Should prove interesting.