Another “Over the Top” review

In addition to serving thirty-two years on active duty in the Corps, I was/am very keen on military history,  Thus, I have read carloads (and purchased too many) books in my time,

What IS the point?  Colonel Jim Bathurst’s book, We’ll All Die As Marines, is very unique as a military history book of the autobiographical nature, but more importantly, it is a superb book on leadership.  The reader, whether a serving military person, or someone who aspires a career in the military (esp. Marines) would find this just what you need.

Buy the book for yourself or buy it for a Marine…or both.  You will not be sorry.   As a gift to a Marine….they will really appreciate it.

LtCol William C. “Tad” Curtis USMC (Ret)

Note: In process of moving a number of times after retiring from the Corps, I had to cull mounds of books.  I still have Col Jim’s book.  It will never be culled.

One Marine's Journey From Private to Colonel

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