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Trust Me – You’ll Love This One

New Travel Arrangements for the Washington Press Corps.

OUCH! Well, I never thought much about this, but now it that it’s  out in the open, I wonder why someone did not question this years ago. You and I both know the answer to that — they were afraid of the 4th estate; afraid they would hammer them in the press, which they did anyway.The saying that comes to my mind is: don’t bite the hand that feeds you!   Now we have an administration that is unafraid of these pompous , arrogant jerks who hammer them all the time anyway. So, let the media heavies pay for their reporters to follow the news. Think any CEO will let them use his/her private jet? Maybe they won’t even pay for first class. No more parties on the plane folks. Lord, I love it! This will surely cut back on transportation funds spent on flights. LOL 

Reuters filing en route to Asia showcases the bitterness, anger, and seething rage of U.S. journalists who have been forced to fly First-Class Commercial to cover Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s Asia trip. State Department correspondents are used to the exclusive wide-body private charters of the U.S. federal government’s airline fleet.

Previous heads of the Department of State have flown aboard Air Force 3.  Normally a Boeing 757.  At the very worst Air Force 3 would be a C17 Globemaster.

However, T-Rex is taking a smaller jet to Asia and only one journalist accompanies him.  To make matters exponentially worse, T-Rex did not select a journalist from the corporate stable of the refined and pedigreed media elites.

We can only imagine how Andrea Mitchell must be seething at having to take simple first-class commercial flight accommodations with ordinary people.  The scope of the almost unimaginable horror she has to face will soon pour from her pursed and vengeful lips.  We can predict a retaliatory report soon from the wrath of the ignored elitist within NBC.  This shall be, as they say, epic.  Secretary Tillerson has rebuked customs and norms.  The traveling correspondents will have to pass through customs and passport checks as if they are ordinary travelers.  There is a very real possibility no-one will recognize them or care diligently for their very individual and specific needs.  Can you imagine Mrs. Alan Greenspan flying all the way to Asia from the Eastern Seaboard and having to do that on a commercial flight?  My God, have we really dropped our standards of decency that far…


Oh yeah, the pontificating journalist elites are  pi**ed off.   After traveling with every possible indulgence aboard exclusive State Department accommodations with Secretary Clinton and Secretary Kerry, you cannot even fathom how angry they are right now without private dining, DoS chefs, shaved chocolates and Cristal mimosa.  None of this is me joking.  This bunch of snobs having to fly commercial is unheard of.  They are ready to tear into Secretary Tillerson in every single filed report.  Just watch what you see on TV:

(Reuters) U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is traveling to Asia this week accompanied by only one reporter, a White House correspondent from the Independent Journal Review (IJR), a digital news outlet founded in 2012 by former Republican political operatives. The IJR said in a statement late Tuesday the State Department last week offered one of its reporters, Erin McPike, a place aboard the Secretary’s aircraft on his trip this week to Asia.[…]  The State Department had previously told reporters covering Tillerson’s trip to South Korea, Japan, and China that he would not be taking reporters on his plane and that they would have to fly commercially, breaking with decades of precedent stretching back to Henry Kissinger.  Major news organizations complained, among them the BBC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post and Reuters. 

Things you won’t see when Secretary Tillerson is traveling





























The party’s over you arrogant snobs!