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But is it? Actually, when you get right down to it, nothing this fellow did or will do is beyond the realm possibility and in most cases expected. How can any American consider this guy a patriot after all he did while in office for eight years to tarnish the name of the United States. And now, he fires one last shot across the bow, one final slap in the face, one last farewell action to remind us that he is who he is — a Muslim. He hates America, and tried desperately for eight years to tear apart our foundation, our culture, our identity, and our obsession and reference to that “piece of parchment.” This action was uncalled for, and a downright spit in our face. I refuse to even consider this animal a human being let alone an American. I honestly believe he has duped this country and only time will tell who and what he truly is. Sickening! Can someone out there explain to me how one can respect this piece of garbage; some liberal, please tell me what causes you to respect and follow this fellow. I am at a loss!