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Can’t Fix Stupid





Eleven Democrat Senators represent states where Donald Trump won against Hillary Clinton. Only three of them, Joe Manchin from West Virginia, Heidi Heitkamp from North Dakota, and Joe Donnelly from Indiana, voted for the Constitution-loving Judge Gorsuch.

The other eight pledged to filibuster and vote against the qualified Judge Gorsuch. Most of them are up for reelection in 2018.

  • Bob Casey (Pennsylvania) – 2018
  • Tammy Baldwin (Wisconsin) – 2018
  • Bill Nelson (Florida) – 2018
  • Debbie Stabenow (Michigan) – 2018
  • Gary Peters (Michigan) – 2020
  • Claire McCaskill (Missouri) – 2018
  • Sherrod Brown (Ohio) – 2018
  • Joe Tester (Montana) – 2018

If you live in any of these states, call your senator immediately and let them know that you’ll vote against them in 2018 and help sweep the Senate for Republicans to Make America Great Again.

Read more at http://trumptrainnews.com/articles/here-are-the-red-state-dems-voting-against-gorsuch#dfspJgF5fySdHSuI.99

The Democrats are not in favor of the constitution. Why you ask? That document stands in the way of their globalist dream of world power. They have to get rid of it or beat it down so far that it no longer means anything. That’s why they did not want a constitution-loving Supreme Court Judge. IMHO


What a shameful performance!

No comment necessary here.
Matt Walsh: Democrats, that shameful performance proves why normal Americans despise your party.  Members of congress wear white to honor the women’s suffrage movement and support women’s rights as U.S. President Donald Trump addresses a joint session of the U.S. Congress on February 28, 2017 in the House chamber of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC.
 Trump’s first address to Congress focused on national security, tax and regulatory reform, the economy, and healthcare.  President Trump delivered an impressive speech to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night. He hammered on a lot of familiar Trump themes but did so in a more effective way than we’ve seen before. People will say it was a “presidential” speech, but of course any speech given by a president is, by definition, presidential. Better to say that it was a successful speech. Successful in communicating Trump’s core message in a clear, concise, and even eloquent way.
 On the other hand, while Trump’s messaging was on point, Democrat messaging was somewhat less inspiring. Of course, we’re all familiar with how the Clapping Game is played during these speeches: The president’s party gives a standing ovation after every third syllable while the opposition party chooses its applause spots more carefully, usually electing to clap only when bipartisan platitudes are offered.
 But that changed last night. Democrats remained seated with their hands in their laps even as Trump uttered the most noncontroversial and universal of sentiments. They refused to applaud when Trump said we should put Americans first. The refused to applaud when Trump talked about fighting drug addiction in the inner city and corruption in Washington. They refused to applaud when Trump discussed the need to make sure certain blue collar Americans, like coal miners, still have jobs. They refused to applaud Trump’s vow to fight Islamic terrorism. They refused to applaud when Trump movingly stated that “we all salute the same flag and are made by the same God.”
 When the president highlighted the victims of illegal immigrant crime, many Democrats let out audible groans of disgust. And, most shameful of all, a number of top Democrats refused to stand and clap as the president honored the widow of a fallen Navy SEAL. Disgusting. Truly disgusting. If we were to judge their positions by the things they declined to applaud, we must arrive at the conclusion that Democrats are staunchly opposed to the flag, God, the law, job creation, and military widows, and enthusiastically in favor of drug addiction, terrorism, crime, unemployment, and murder.
 To those who’ve been paying attention, this is not much of revelation. They’ve given us a lot more than a lack of applause to indicate their positions on these topics. But it’s still somewhat surprising that Democrats are so eager to advertise the fact. Mostly, this absurd performance on the part of Democrats tells us two things. First, they have a bunch of maniacs in their base and they’re fully aware of it. Democrat politicians know they’ll get in trouble with their liberal constituency if they appear to be even vaguely opposed to illegal immigration, Muslim terrorism, and the impoverishment of coal miners, or even slightly in favor of the rule of law, prosperity, freedom, and God.
 Second, their hatred for Trump, and their base’s hatred for Trump, is pushing them ever further into the extreme fringes. Democrats have been booing God, defending radical Islam, and explicitly encouraging illegal immigrants to break the law for years now, but giving such an icy reception to a concept like “creating jobs,” and publicly giving the cold shoulder to a military widow, is a new step. That’s something they’re doing purely to spite Trump. But, in the process, they only make Trump look dignified and themselves look like monsters.
 It’s clear that Democrats will automatically oppose anything Trump says simply because it’s Trump saying it, and for no other reason. Personally, I’d love for him to exploit this power. For instance, he could give a speech forcefully opposing puppy murder, head lice, and diabetes, just so that Democrats will feel required to come out in favor of all three. Perhaps Trump could even get them to abandon their support for gay marriage and abortion by announcing his support for both. Well, maybe they’d draw the line there.
 Or maybe not. Who knows anymore? But what’s clear, in any case, is that the Democrat Party has no interest in, or love for, normal Americans, and has now given up even pretending otherwise. They are the party of anti-Americanism, elitism, and lawlessness, and have been for quite some time. Last night they simply made it official. The rest of us have taken note.

How much of this are we going to tolerate?

A U.S. Navy veteran was brutally beaten and killed outside his own home in McAllen, Texas—while being carjacked by an illegal immigrant.

Jose Luis Oviedo, 56, served in the U.S. Navy for 15 years: from 1981 to 1996.

Oviedo was apparently home alone when he heard a noise from outside—where he found Andres Roberto Ortiz, 32, attempting to steal his car. Ortiz turned on Oviedo, severely beating the Navy veteran unconscious.

Several hours later, local police found Oviedo’s SUV abandoned in a ditch. Upon visiting his home to report the vehicle, they found him unconscious in the backyard.
Oviedo was rushed to the hospital, but never regained consciousness. After spending a month in a coma, he died last Friday.

Ortiz was taken into a custody ten days after the attack. Ortiz is a Honduran who is in the United States illegally—and had been deported multiple times by the U.S. government. (my bold added)

Ortiz was initially charged with aggravated assault and robbery. After Oviedo’s death, the county district attorney is seeking to upgrade his charges to capital murder. Oviedo’s son, Victor, 29, spoke briefly to the media about how his outlook had changed, after his father’s death at the hands of an illegal immigrant:

“I had no real opinion as far as the immigration stance goes, but now I believe that something like this could have been prevented had the right steps been taken,” he said.

Source: American Action News
Read more at http://americanactionnews.com/articles/breaking-illegal-immigrant-brutally-kills-navy-veteran#jQb9ke4Z02ZEU5Jf.99

Col Andy on Last Night

While I was no at all surprised by the disgusting, child-like demeanor of the dems last night, it was sickening watching  grown men and women sit and act like petulant children in response to everything President Trump offered up. Did they not agree with fixing the infrastructure, did they not agree with talking care of veterans, did they not agree on anything? Is everything hunky dory in their minds? Then came the ultimate disgrace when they sat through the thunderclouds applause for the slain SEAL and his bride. They did themselves no favors last night. If they accomplished anything at all they showed their disdain for America, OK, so you don’t like him, I get that, I didn’t like the last one, but at least show some respect for the office. Last night showed who you really are. SCUM! And I want nothing to do with anyone that has the right to call themselves part of that group. You aren’t worth my friendship!

Once again, the Colonel of Truth nails it with his “Winners Country”