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The Toughest Assignment in the Corps

I have no idea how I became blessed with the honor of commanding the Special Ceremonial Platoon (SCP) at Marine Barracks, 8th & I, Washington, D.C.  The platoon consisted of three sections: the Corps’s Color Guard, the Body Bearers, and the Silent Drill Team. It was my Officer Candidate School (OCS) as I reported in as a SSgt from Vietnam destined to become the platoon sergeant of SCP. However, a combat commission recommendation from my RVN company commander was approved and I became the platoon commander vice the platoon sergeant — quite a strange sequence of events.

Body BearersI was blessed to be able to see first-hand what these Marines do day in and day out. It is quite a story in my book and worth the read, especially if you are familiar with the battles during my time there (1967-69) — the Tet Offensive of 1968. The Body Bearers were so busy, we had to augment them and the color guard with Marines from the drill team. A very sad time for all of us in Ceremonial Guard Company. While every burial was deeply emotional, it became unbearable when you knew the Marine you were burying.

This link will take you to an inside look at what it is like to be one of the brave souls — it is very emotional to me personally. God bless those Marine s assigned to that duty. Read the book and learn what it takes to be one of these blessed souls, and how they are able to maintain their sanity in such an assignment.

If this video does not touch your heart, perhaps you do not have one.

Life After Downton Abbey?

downton-eventIs there life after Down Abbey?  It’s over, yes it is over for my bride and me. Not so, you say, the last episode doesn’t air until mid-March. Well, for us it is, in fact, over. You see, I am one of those impatient souls who hate commercials — yes I realize there would be no great shows without support from those irritating, obscene, and sometimes utterly ridiculous three or so minutes between the important stuff, but that doesn’t make them more bearable.

Secondly, when I am watching what I consider a great show, I have difficulty waiting until next week to see the results of tonight’s episode. I mean, let’s get real here — at my age, knowing the unpredictability of life, I may not be alive next week.  I can not imagine not knowing “whodunit?”

We stopped watching the Downton Abbey sometime into the 3rd season, I have not the slightest idea why that happened; however we had an epiphany and decided to catch up.  Since we have Amazon Prime for other reasons e.g., purchasing supplies for our cattery, we decided to use it to catch up to the current season first (free), then for about $20, we bought the sixth and final season. We watched all nine episodes in three nights — it’s nice being retired and able to sleep late the next mornings.

I shall not reveal anything about the last season, especially the very last episode. That would be awful, and probably worth snuffing someone out if they did that to me — smiles of course. All I shall say is we enjoyed the entire season, and hope you do as well. Send me a comment when you’ve seen them all and share your final thoughts.

So I shall ask again, is there life after Downton Abbey? Lord, I hope so. I must now search the vast supply to find another one, but I doubt if one will ever stand up to Jullian Fellowes’ Downton Abbey.

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Special Place in Hell

Colonel Andy has done it again and told it like it is. Such candor, such forthrightness, and such truth from a fellow “Swinger of Birches.” Yes, South Carolina, we wait.

Cover, right click, and go to. Or copy and paste into browser.

Met The Glock Today

glock43-leftFired my new concealed carry weapon for the first time today — the Glock 43. My long time retired Marine brother who lives down here full-time took me to the Sheriff’s range this morning. Wow, what a nice piece. Small, compact, not bulky at all, easy to carry concealed, and accurate as all get out. I thought I would have to have the trigger adjusted since I have always had to in the past. However this one is perfect for a CCW; a little too much trigger for match or target shooting. I must have fired a couple hundred rounds through it this morning and I love it.

Now I know some of you might be against CCW, and I don’t have a problem with that at all — that’s your choice. But I live too close to the gun capital of the nation — you know — the city with the toughest gun laws and the most gun deaths. I’ll let you guess which city that is, but if you don’t know which one it is, you must be living under a rock. Of course, I jest. But you see, I have been through much in my lifetime, and I don’t want my bride or I lying in the street because some demented, drugged up, scumbag has nothing better to do with at the time than do us harm.

When faced with a confrontation, I believe I have two choices; reason or force. Of course, I will always try the reason first, but if that does not stop this scumbag what am I left with —  force. Then, he best be fast and accurate, because even at my age, I am both.


Col AndyA post from a fellow retired Marine — an artist, a purveyor of elegant words, loyal American patriot, and a very dear friend. Col Andy and I met only once, at my retirement ceremony in 1993, but we reconnected years’ later, and I have become an avid reader of his blog, to which I belong.  It is gratifying to learn that Secretary Mabus has overturned his requirement placed on General Neller, our Commandant, by that nasty, irresponsible, arrogant memo of 1 January 2016. Like Andy, I would love to know what transpired behind closed doors that caused him to change his mind “prior” to his required appearance before Congress. I know what I’d like to think happened, but we will never know, unless the General writes a memoir after retiring.