Vietnam War – Unbiased

As I watched this power point presentation it conjured up all sorts of memories, none were good memories, but memories I am proud of. I’ve not finished watching Burns and Novick’s biased series, which I sure many Americans now firmly believe was an honest depiction of that war. Meanwhile those who had boots on the ground have a  completely different view. I probably won’t finish watching the series now that I have read so many reviews by people I trust because their boots were alongside mine – on the ground. But as I clicked on each slide, I was vividly reminded how we lived, how we fought, and how we bled. The I think of  the current state of affairs that Obama and his cronies like Mabus and “Ash and Trash” Carter have left our military. As you watch this, think about women in the infantry, transgenders serving in these hell holes, think diversity supposedly making our military more efficient.  And tell me, show me, introduce me to an 18-year-old woman who could live through that and if she did would not be scarred for life. What fools we are!

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  1. Well after being in law enforcement for just over 28 years I feel comfortable in saying there are some mighty tough–what we referred to–bull dikes out there that could fit in the military in some capacity.
    That fact is NO excuse or support for the former Obama administrations ineptness and obvious intentional efforts to weaken our military thereby our security.!!

    1. Yes, I have seen some police officers I would definitely not take on if I were the type that would do that, but I am not. However, surviving in the environment of a Grunt is not that of a police officer. That’s not to degrade in any way what they experience at times, but to live in the Grunt’s environment day after day for weeks on end is an experience I have yet to see a female that would not have great difficulty with that. Remember they have times of the month where things are not right; what happens when they are living in a bathtub (fighting hole) for days on end with no relief in sight? But most of all, why do we need them in the infantry? Are we having problems recruiting men> The Corps isn’t, but I cannot speak for the other services.

  2. I wonder about the ability of the American female to absorb, digest, and rationalize the occurrences in combat. Although my exposure in two conflicts (Dominican Republic Incursion and Operation Desert Storm) was short, never-the-less it made a deep-rooted difference in my psyche and in many of my comrades. It is difficult for me to understand how a female could come to grips with things like we experience.

  3. Colonel Jim, Social activists have NO idea what extended combat is like. They will not serve. They may lull some well meaning young women into combat arms. This will harm all but not our enemies. I repeat an old line of mine. Anything that improves the lethality and outright “scariness” of our military ought be embraced AND anything that detracts from our professional skills and warrior ethos ought be pitched.

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