Someone, anyone, dare to tell me what president, at least in my lifetime (76) who would do what President Trump did here? I can think of one or two who “might” have, but you can bet the last fellow would not had taken time from his schedule. Please copy, past, watch and listen to the video, then pass it on to your progressive friends, that is if you have any. I don’t, so you can pass a few for me. He even made the wounded officer laugh! God bless you sir!

I wonder how CNN will air this, probably be blamed for holding up air traffic at the airport.


3 thoughts on “POUTUS Reacts”

  1. What an outstanding gesture on Trump’s behalf..and his whole staff who took time to recognize this downed police officer under these circumstances! Trump appears to be the ‘real’ deal! I applaud him..for reaching out to show compassion and concern for this motorcycle officer who was part of the team of m/c riders escorting Trump’s entourage back to his plane! I doubt the liberal’s will have a favorable comment!

  2. I bet it was liberal scum that left the cop lying there and took photos instead of helping him. May God bless our president and heaven help him with so many trying to destroy him and what he does. He’s now joined by the cat in the hat as hated by the left!

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