The Silent Majority

I might ruffle some feathers with this one, but so be it.  

Before you venture into this blog post, I’d like to say a few words, and I will intervene in places in the post in red! If you’ve not read my book, I will not bore with any details or repeat what is in Chapter 28 titled the same as this post. I’m amazed at how foolish the so-called silent majority is today and has been for most of my adult life. They are a class of do-nothings who sit around and post comments on websites like the one that featured the below article. Remember the saying about what talks and what walks? Well, your posts mean nothing; no one of consequence reads your vents.   You are merely playing the “silent majority” game, which accomplishes squat. 

I remember reading a notation on the wall above a urinal many years ago that read: People who write these words of wit, wrap their sh** in tiny balls and people who read these words on walls, eat these tiny balls of sh**.”  Enjoy your meal folks, because that is, in essence, exactly what you are doing.

I am an Economist by education. In Econ 101, I learned the pricing of a product (micro-Economics). Money is everything, it is paramount to everything. Companies are in business to make money. If you truly want to influence something, follow the money then take decisive action. Who sponsors NFL games? Take notes on who they are and THAT’S where you vent your frustration. Instead of posting your vents on a blog, go to the sponsors website, tell them you have stopped  buying their product. Post it on FB, use the social media to ask for cooperation.

Some time ago while flipping through the channels, I noted my favorite financial company, one I have been with for over 43 years advertising on this left-wing news program. I wrote them a letter threatening to transfer all my assets from their company. I posted my letter on FB, then contacted the 100’s of like-minded, fellow military-types in my address book asking them to please speak out. They did and that company no longer advertises on that station. IT WORKED!

This article talks about the outrageous things happening within the NFL, and I’m not just talking about those millionaire pieces of garbage disrespecting the flag I served for nearly 36 years. The NFL is all about money, even if you are not a fan, which I no longer am, you are being taken to the cleaners by everything they have their hands in from stadium building to $9.00 beers.

We the people can change that, but the silent majority will never accomplish squat, nor will your posted comments on websites.

Today’s headlines tell me that Kansas City Chiefs’ player Marcus Peters sat out the National Anthem during last night’s NFL opener. I wouldn’t know, I wasn’t watching.

As consumers in America, we have a freedom to choose the products we purchase with the money we keep from our hard work after our government masters take their half. With that money, we buy the things we need and enjoy. It’s a simple concept; I don’t need or enjoy the NFL, so I do not participate in its offerings. I don’t go to games, I don’t watch them on television or the internet, and I don’t purchase NFL or player paraphernalia. I do this for a variety of reasons:

  1. It may be a small handful of players opposing their country’s anthem, but as long as it is accepted by the owners and coaches, (and the NFL) then they have lost me as a viewer. Yes, in the U.S.A. you have the freedom to express your views however ridiculous they may be. I, too, have a right to express my disapproval of your views through my pocketbook.The NFL is a business that sells a product. I happen to now find that product unattractive, overpriced, and out of style – so I refuse to buy it.
  2. The NFL has immersed itself in the hip-hop culture. Yes, I know this automatically makes me a racist according to the Left, but I simply don’t like the hip-hop culture and the things it represents that have nothing to do with skin color. I don’t approve of a culture whose music refers to women as “b**ches” and “h*s”, glorifies drug usage and violence, and encourages an illicit lifestyle. Plus, I don’t like the clothing. Pull up your pants, you look like an idiot. When this type of “music” blares out over the sound system in the stadium, as it did when I attended my last NFL game, I’m gone.
  3. It’s a game. As I age, certain things become more valuable to me. Time is a resource and I refuse to give it up to something I don’t enjoy. I do still attend some college games and cheer for my alma mater, so it’s not the game I don’t enjoy; rather, it’s the commercialization and the culture. At the last professional football game I attended, I looked around at the people spending $9.00 for a beer wearing their $90 team jersey, and decided I didn’t want to be one of them. I can still enjoy the game by watching my local high school team. I can even walk onto the field afterwards and make a young person feel good by congratulating them on a good game, great tackle, or exceptional run.
  4. The anthem. I served my country for six years, and the National Anthem brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it (when it’s done with class, not some hip-hopper adding his/her garbage to a beautiful song). Every. Time. It represents the collective sacrifice of my friends and colleagues and everyone who went before us. It’s the same flag that was draped over my former teammate’s coffin after being killed in Afghanistan. It’s personal to me, very personal. To sit it out, talk during it, raise your fist, or any other form of disrespect is unacceptable to me. Period. I’m simply not willing to look beyond that. There is no pass on this one. If you can’t stand still and respect the flag of this great nation and everything for which it stands, then you and everyone associated with you (advertisers) isn’t getting one dime from me. When Chiefs fans replace the last word of the anthem with the word “Chiefs” I don’t find it cute or excuse the behavior. It’s disrespectful to the millions of brave souls who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that these slobs could swill their $9 beers and scream at players on a Sunday afternoon. It’s inappropriate, disrespectful and I’m not going to participate.
    One aside on this topic: If I understand the argument, those who sit out the anthem think America is a racist country and the national anthem somehow represents the idea that all cops are racists. Huh? Seriously, your argument is just dumb and doesn’t even deserve a response. I would not disagree with those who would suggest that only a handful of players in the NFL hate America and therefore the rest shouldn’t be punished for that reason alone just like all cops are not racists. To that argument, reference items 1-3, 5, 6. Additionally, we are judged by the company we keep. You want to have an America hater on your team? Then I chose not to support you.
  5. We all have our likes and dislikes, and I simply dislike the culture that has become sports today. Geez, how much can we talk about and “analyze” a game? Admittedly, I pay attention to politics as much as a sports junkie watches games, but what politicians do affects my life. What’s going on in North Korea matters much more than whether or not Tom Brady completed 50% of his passes. If North Korea lobs over a nuke, you can kiss your sports goodbye, among other things.
  6. Taxpayer subsidized stadiums. A significant number of sports stadiums are subsidized or are built with taxpayer dollars. Does the taxpayer get to park for free? Do they receive free admission to the game? Are they allowed to use the locker room or weight room during the week? Do they get a free “I helped pay for this stadium” t-shirt? Of course not. Government should not participate in local business (Econ 102) other than by providing an environment where business thrives. While I commend the shrewd business owner who increases his wealth from government handouts, I do not approve of the practice and refuse to participate in something that encourages it.

So, Colin Kaepernick, Marcus Peters and every other flag protesting twit, this American is done with the likes of you. And, I’m not alone. Welcome to the unemployment line coming soon to your future.

How about a new look at the outlandish contracts offered to some of these scum. Make salaries performance-based. I’ve heard the story of last week, sorry I didn’t watch it.  Chicago down by  6, on the Falcons 5 yard line, 1st and goal and three receivers dropped or completely missed passes. Their millionaires for Pete’s sake, they deserve multi-million dollar contracts? Not if salaries were performance-based, much like everyone else’s.

Wake up Silent Majority and do something other than write your words of wit on the blogs, or to your elected criminal. I have and continue to do so.

2 thoughts on “The Silent Majority”

  1. Bullseye, the NFL is nothing more than scripted all star wrestling. I wonder what will happen when a NASCAR driver decides to sit out the National anthem.

    1. LOL, that’s a good one Todd, but you and I both know that will never ever happen! If it did happen, I don’t think that driver would survive the race. I’ve read the NFL’s statement on this issue, it’s pitiful and is an example of money talking.

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