5 thoughts on “Take a Knee?”

  1. This “taking a knee”..is a pathetic, low life..black racists way to use their same old ‘blame game’..the same old ‘lame’ excuse to beat up ‘whitey’ and make excuses for their own cultural shortcomings!
    This situation will never change because the black culture will always find an excuse to blame another culture for their..their slavery..their wrongful plight..their ‘poor me’ excuses..their attitude and reckless criminal life..of excuses..! They commit the most crimes and they kill the most opposing cultures in America..yet, they expect the most tolerance and the most handouts of any single culture..in America!
    Personally..I’m sick of black Americans..and their hostile movement..such as ‘Black Lives Matter’, Occupy..Resist..Antifa..! The NFL is just another example of how these assholes act out their lives and their value system..in America..and how we have had to tolerate them! NO..not me! I’m sick of them and I’m sick of the way they have been allowed to go unpunished! The NFL, and any other sports league, that allows this crap to go on..is non American..

  2. If indicators mean anything, then perhaps it is time that all of us re-think what we believe we know about professional sports. Let’s see … for the most part we have immature young men being paid an insane amount of money to play a game —one involving an orb of some diameter. As already stated, the bigger the ball, the blacker the player. If one can believe the news, then a large percentage of these “men” enjoy slapping women around —and their children; it makes them feel as though they’re in control, but in reality the opposite is true. They also do things such inane things as fight animals (dogs, roosters, and who knows … maybe even rattlesnakes and mongooses).

    There is also a lot of dishonesty in professional/collegiate sports, such as when “student athletes” are compensated to play their silly little games. Wanting a piece of the action, some of these yahoos actually want to form unions, if you can believe that. Maybe college athletics is about everything except learning something.

    Seriously, are we at all surprised to learn that these “athletes” are low class scum who weren’t smart enough to get into college without a free ride through the athletic department? They’ll get picked up by a professional franchise in a few years … making bushel baskets of money, but with character as low as their IQ, their life will remain in the toilet. And no one in America saw this coming? No one saw the likely consequence of placing morons on a pedestal, of telling them over and over how great they are, even to the extent of glorifying these imbeciles to our own children? Right … the idiot Lawrence Tailor was a great example to our children, or Johnny Manziel, or the latest batch of morons.

    So, now we have these beneficiaries of mainstream society’s unhealthy obsession with college and professional games —most of them black, by the way— accusing America of racism and refusing even to stand during the National Anthem. If anything, professional and collegiate sports is a snapshot of America’s darkest side (no pun intended). Don’t blame the athletes, blame those who are willing to spend obscene amounts of money to perpetuate this nonsense.

    By the way, should anyone be interested in observing a great bunch of TRUE athletes, they should visit the nearest Marine Corps base and observe the training that goes on there every single day. If anyone deserves the support of the American public, these are those men.

    1. Well said Mustang. I grew up with real heroes, like Johnny Unitas, Art Donovan, Lenny Moore etc. of the Baltimore Colts. Men that a young boy wanted to (and should) emulate. Of course, the problem is that young boys STILL want to emulate these types, but they are scum. I wonder if these millionaires on their knees are using any of their big bucks to help the Urban communities riddled with crime. Not a Bears fan as a young boy, later on there was one Bear I had (have) the highest regard for, and that was “Sweetness,” he did so much, and although passed, is still doing much for the ghettos of Chicago

  3. Professional athletes are nothing more than entertainers, probably scripted. Tell me how anyone could watch the Marine color guard March out on the field for our national anthem and then take a godam knee. Pathetic and truly unfucking sat. Semper Fi

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