Hypocrisy at it’s Finest

Derrick Wilburn is the founder and Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives and the Conservatives of All Colors Internship Program. His organization’s and personal mission are to bridge the gap that exists between conservative political causes, parties, candidates and officeholders and ethnic-minorities in the USA. He is published nationally everyday on AllenBWest and  is heard across America on Red State Radio.

“I can’t fault them for wanting to live in a beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood.  It’s the hypocrisy that gets me. Campaign against the top 1% and then lose and fall in line with the top 1%.

Something STRANGE happens when Democrats leave the White House… After their exodus from the White House, the Obamas joined another rarified club, that of the ruling liberal elite class owning multiple ultra-expensive homes in highly exclusive communities that none in America can afford, save the one percenters.  The very same one percenters whom they rant and rail against as being the greedy, egocentric millionaires who simply have too much – following the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton who (despite Hillary’s claim that they left The White House dead broke) somehow managed to educate their daughter at Stanford, Oxford, NYU and Columbia ($500,000?), acquire a $1.7 million estate in Chappaqua and a $2.85 million mansion in Georgetown and then Bernie Sanders who, shortly after ending his 2016 presidential bid, bought his third home, a $600,000 lakefront vacation house on Lake Champlain.

Barack and Michelle have real estate designs of their own.  Earlier this year it was revealed that upon his leaving the presidency the Obamas will not be returning to Chicago. They will instead be moving into a $6 million, 8,200-square foot, 9-bedroom 12-bathroom mansion in Kalorama, one of the Washington District’s most posh, desirable and exclusive neighborhoods in the heart of one of America’s wealthiest zip codes.  With daughter Malia off to college, that leaves just Barack, Michelle and Sasha until the younger daughter graduates high school in 2018. 

Nothing says they care about climate change, energy consumption and our CO2 footprint more than keeping an 8,200-square foot house heated and air-conditioned year round for just three people. The hypocrisy and ‘do as I say not as I do’ hubris of all these wealthy climate change proponents is sickening.  By the way, the Obamas’ new home is just two doors down from Clinton campaign manager, John Podesta, who recently lost the most significant campaign of his life.

But that’s not the new news.  We have now learned Barack and Michelle are the proud owners of yet another home, this one on the Left Coast.  As reported by Page Six and other sources, the Obamas have a new home in Rancho Mirage, California.  Rancho Mirage is a popular golf getaway which would explain its attraction to the soon-to-be ex-golfer-in-chief.  By some counts this makes the Obamas’ fifth home.  Also from Page Six, The Obamas are also said to have bought a holiday getaway in Obama’s childhood home state of Hawaii.  How many American families own five of anything, let alone houses in Hawaii that they see once a year or so.  Most of us are blessed if able to rent a hotel room or condo in Hawaii once a decade or a life time. 

The relocation habits of Democrats leaving office is very interesting.  For example, having been voted out of office in 2014, Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu didn’t return to Louisiana.  Instead she made her 7,300-square foot $2.5 million Washington DC mansion her new home.  Rather than returning to Little Rock, when Bill and Hillary left the White House, they chose the liberal, ultra-wealthy haven of Chappaqua, New York with its average household income of $285,801 and average household net worth of $1,564,366 for their new residence. 

Now it’s the Obamas’ turn.  Are they going back to Chicago to live amongst the little people and take their chances becoming yet another statistic (total number shot as of this writing this year: 3,961)?  No, not so much. They, like the others, are moving into a private, secured community to live in a house big enough for five families where they will host cocktail parties for golf buddies and other millionaire and billionaire friends.

Yet like the Sanders, Landrieus and Clintons of the world, they will accept exorbitant five-, six-, even seven-figure speaking fees to give speeches about how the rich in our country are steadily pulling away from everyone else and increasingly isolating themselves.  About how the concentration of wealth at the top is allowing some Americans to own multiple houses, vacation when and as they please and live lives most of the rest of the country cannot fathom.

They’ll blather on and on about how the rich are a big part of the problems in our country but they gladly join them hoping no one will notice.  Well, we did!”

(Harry Truman once said, “One cannot become wealthy being a president unless you are doing something crooked”.) 

Harry sure didn’t die rich, but the scumsuckers today all leave the WH unbelievably rich, even some of the GOP presidents as well. What’s amazing to me is that none of them went back home to their roots where it all started. I guess they don’t want to hobnob with the old crowd anymore. Interesting to say the least










2 thoughts on “Hypocrisy at it’s Finest”

  1. If the American people do not know by now that they are being played, then they’ll never know. Our system of government is designed to benefit the political elite, with behind the scenes puppet masters deciding who may compete in the game, Congress colluding in the matter of how much to pay the executives, the judges, all the bureaucrats, and of course, themselves.

    At the end of the day, realizing that the average constituent has the memory of a gnat, and is only capable of understanding five percent of what he or she thinks they know, the snakes will do whatever the hell they want —which, considering their relatively short stay at the feeding trough, includes making themselves rich beyond all imaginings.

    All in all, I would have to say that Barack Obama (and others) are well paid for the things they do for their masters, such as George Soros on the left and Charles Koch on the right.

    We probably need another revolution, but I suspect that few alive today come anywhere near to having the courage and temerity of our late-colonial forebears. Of course, back then it was colonies in rebellion; later, in 1860, states in rebellion. At no time was it ever “citizens in rebellion.”

    So, we blog …

    1. Very well put Mustang, thanks for the comments. No one knows for sure where all of this going to end, but my canteens are full and my powder is dry.

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