Pat Condell Nails it Again

WOW! Another barn burner from Pat Condell. I wonder how many body guards he has following him around for he certainly never minces his words when it comes to the “Religion of Peace.” Once again, Pat nails it. Although he is speaking of his country, the same applies to our once great nation and our media.


7 thoughts on “Pat Condell Nails it Again”

  1. Sadly, I concur. I damn near joined the British Army at age 20. Nothing in the UK is the same….they aren’t even “United” any more with Scotland nearly 50/50 to break away. Their military is too small. The nation that was re known for politeness and lining up and taking your turn is more crude, more crass and more violent than ever. My entire class in the 4 grade went to the one movie theater in our town in Lafayette, CA, USA to watch the film of the Queen’s Coronation. Different world then.

  2. I suspect he doesn’t need any body guards. If any lightweight wants a piece of Condell, they need to bing along a couple platoons of genuine bad-asses.

  3. I’ve heard him a number of times before. He always nail the bad guys of the world. Damn pity he’s not an MP. The Brits are shooting themselves in the foot…..daily. Them and many others too. Herr Oberst, keep the tough talkers (read: straight talkers) coming. Semper Fi, Oberstleutnant Tad

  4. This is an outstanding comment..and tells it exactly like it is ..about the Muslim religion! It fits my sentiments ‘exactly’ on’..! I just hope that at some point in the very ‘nearest time’..that Americans will wake up..and smell the roses! Just to understand exactly what this Islamic religion is about..and what these a-holes (Muslims) subscribe to in this culture! I am truly afraid that we have too many dumb asses in our society..that are unable to ‘smell’….

    1. LOL, if your statement was not sooooooo true it would be funny Jack, but it’s not, I fear when we lose our country to this “religion of Peace,” we will go down in the records as the most naive, gullible society that ever existed

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