A Poem

From my best friend, fellow “Swinger of Birches, (which I  doubt anyone knows what that term means today), brother, and life-long editor, a piece of prose for the day. Thanks you Dennis, God bless you sir!

Memorial Day Celebrations, 2017, at Cemeteries Across the Land

A million American flags, and more, will be unfurled,

And invited dignitaries will righteously attest,

In our many scattered consecrated parks

Where our true American heroes rest.


Some will issue a lofty proclamation

To confirm our most robust determination,

And voice why this day is deemed solemn,

Why we today remember our many, many fallen.


When their spirited dialogs fade,

The forlorn bugles sound,

As the eerie strain of Taps

Echoes o’er those hallowed grounds.


All across our indebted nation, wherever stone statues stand—

From Arlington National, in all directions—proudly, American flags, way upon way.

Will we then take one moment to stroll these sacred lands,

Noting names etched in granite whose uncommon valor won the day.


Will we express our gratitude to those who gave their all,

Honoring their selflessness while fulfilling duty’s call,

And pay full measure to their sacrifice so gallant, so brave,

As we silently nod our head towards each and every grave?


When the sun is setting, and we all are roving home,

Will we pause with pride and honor, and marvel at that we have seen?

And promise to ourselves, and those who silently repose,

To return more often conferring on all who rest there our utmost esteem?







2 thoughts on “A Poem”

  1. Straighten up that alignment, 8th & I grad! To much space between lines detracts from the beauty of the verse!

    1. Can’t do it, tried, won’t let me close the lines, screwy, might work on it later, but now it’s happy hour. LOL

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