How much of this are we going to tolerate?

A U.S. Navy veteran was brutally beaten and killed outside his own home in McAllen, Texas—while being carjacked by an illegal immigrant.

Jose Luis Oviedo, 56, served in the U.S. Navy for 15 years: from 1981 to 1996.

Oviedo was apparently home alone when he heard a noise from outside—where he found Andres Roberto Ortiz, 32, attempting to steal his car. Ortiz turned on Oviedo, severely beating the Navy veteran unconscious.

Several hours later, local police found Oviedo’s SUV abandoned in a ditch. Upon visiting his home to report the vehicle, they found him unconscious in the backyard.
Oviedo was rushed to the hospital, but never regained consciousness. After spending a month in a coma, he died last Friday.

Ortiz was taken into a custody ten days after the attack. Ortiz is a Honduran who is in the United States illegally—and had been deported multiple times by the U.S. government. (my bold added)

Ortiz was initially charged with aggravated assault and robbery. After Oviedo’s death, the county district attorney is seeking to upgrade his charges to capital murder. Oviedo’s son, Victor, 29, spoke briefly to the media about how his outlook had changed, after his father’s death at the hands of an illegal immigrant:

“I had no real opinion as far as the immigration stance goes, but now I believe that something like this could have been prevented had the right steps been taken,” he said.

Source: American Action News

8 thoughts on “How much of this are we going to tolerate?”

  1. Jim, the answer to this is “no more”, “no mas”, “nicht mehr”….get the picture?! All around the globe (though maybe not in Sweden), slowly but surely this is the only answer.

  2. My prejudices have reached the point of NO RETURN!!..I have seen these people burn, pillage, and tear down property and burn our flag!! I have heard them denounce us and our country!! I have has enough..NO MORE..! The liberals have taken our country..they are now my enemy and they are the major problem in this country! I will never treat them as Americans..anymore! They are scumbags..every one of them..including those in our Congress! They are a treasonous bunch of seditionists! They should die..and they will hopefully end up on the wrong side of this argument!

    1. I could not agree with you more Jack, I am sick and tired of the Democratic party, they have become a horde of whining, disrespectful, petulant, spoiled brats! They are too stupid to realize that they are driving many left-wing one time supporters to the right. They will never come to any table, they will pick up their collective marbles and go home screaming and yelling foul! Disposable!

      1. Spot on Jim! (as our pal Pat Condell would say). The ONLY sliver of silver lining in all this is that some will move slightly to the right; some even further out of disgust of their libtard party.

        1. Yep. I hope they literally destroy the Democratic party. Some Dems need to wake up and see the light, they all can’t be blinded by the greed, corrupt culture, lies, hypocrisy, and double standards. At least, I would hope we have not gone that far down the tube as a society.

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