Col Andy on Last Night

While I was no at all surprised by the disgusting, child-like demeanor of the dems last night, it was sickening watching  grown men and women sit and act like petulant children in response to everything President Trump offered up. Did they not agree with fixing the infrastructure, did they not agree with talking care of veterans, did they not agree on anything? Is everything hunky dory in their minds? Then came the ultimate disgrace when they sat through the thunderclouds applause for the slain SEAL and his bride. They did themselves no favors last night. If they accomplished anything at all they showed their disdain for America, OK, so you don’t like him, I get that, I didn’t like the last one, but at least show some respect for the office. Last night showed who you really are. SCUM! And I want nothing to do with anyone that has the right to call themselves part of that group. You aren’t worth my friendship!

Once again, the Colonel of Truth nails it with his “Winners Country”




5 thoughts on “Col Andy on Last Night”

  1. I am in total agreement with the disgust and disdain I feel for the left. The media is full of pundits and loudmouths claiming The widow was used as a “prop.” This insults her intelligence! She was happy to have her husband, slain seal Owen Ryan to be honored. The lefts hate knows now bounds and they will cross any line. What they accomplish is the rabid liberals will eat up the vitriol but the more sane will abandon the party and move toward the right. Their disgusting behavior at Trumps address showed everyone that party line politics is more important then the the future of their own children and grandchildren. On a side note, does anyone know the meaning of the women of the left all wearing white? They looked like a nurses convention. Just curious.

    1. Hazel, the white clad women (term used loosely in this case) were congresswomen touting women’s suffrage. But for the life of me I do not understand what that had to do with anything other than the fact the liberals are still calling him a sexist. What a disgrace, they made themselves look as they are, that being tramps, fools, and maybe even the stretch to “hoes.” LOL

    1. Really? Were you wearing your hearing aids Master Guns? I heard some very loud groans as he was talking about the illegals. Furthermore, it was obvious they had been given some hard instructions to not applaud or stand by their “leaders” (I use that term loosely). Most of them did not even stand when the Sgt at Arms introduced him. Total disrespect.

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