Are you a USAA Member?

I just sent the following message to my once-favorite American Corporation. I have my principles as I thought they did as well. Who knows what’s next – press one for English?


This message is meant for Mr. Stuart Parker, our CEO, and I will recognize a reply from no one except him for I believe I deserve no less. I have been a loyal member of USAA since 1974 when I, as a SNCO became eligible to join. I always considered USAA to be the MOST respected company in America, and during my thirty-six years as a Marine have probably been responsible for 100’s of Marines and sailors joining our organization. You are my bank, my investment broker, and my insurer. My five children are USAA members, as are my nine grandchildren. However, I have reached a point where I am seriously considering going back to Navy Federal for banking and mortgage help, to another brokerage house for my investment, and back to Geico for insurance.

Why? This morning I was attempting to find FOX News and happen to mistakenly click on CNN and found myself in the middle of an ad from USAA. Imagine my dismay that my once admired and highly respected company would spend “our” funds to advertise on such a biased and unethical organization that has been caught violating ethical standards and rules by their employees, e.g., leaking debate questions to a candidate. I watch FOX because, in my opinion; they are the “least” biased of all the TV news outlets. Obviously, you are free to advertise where you feel USAA will get its best bang for the least buck, but I would also expect you to consider the fallout for your choices as well. This missive will appear on my social media sources and my blog as well. I have a tough decision ahead of me now. Sign me as a highly disgruntled long-time member

Jim Bathurst 

PS If I get a reply from the “correct” person, I promise to post it as a follow-up. Should prove interesting.

3 thoughts on “Are you a USAA Member?”

  1. Yes Jim..I have pursued them (USAA) for several years for their automobile insurance coverage’s and I have found them to be ‘out of touch’ and not realistic..not even competitive with many of their products..(perhaps they do more for those who ‘ bundle’ of other insurable interests..) but, since I couldn’t get them even competitive on a single product..I didn’t attempt to go further with them! They are no longer an icon that is interested in serving the interest to help benefit the patriotic military and provide equitable insurance coverage’s for their original Military folks! Instead..they are quiet the opposite!! Anyone needing any kind of insurance, which is underwritten bu USAA..needs to shop and make comparisons with other insures..! USAA isn’t what they were to many military families in the past..and they continue to promote themselves as being something they are NOT!! Today..they are promoting themselves as a military standby..(like in the old days)..which long ago went by the wayside..! They are greedy and noncompetitive! My two (2) cents..!

  2. CNN is becoming increasingly vicious and vile when “reporting” on anything Trump. Even Wolf Blitzer has moved off a somewhat objective stance in his news analysis that he is even hard to watch anymore. Time was that CNN was a fairly objective news provider. That time has past–rapidly so in the past 6-9 months. The likes of Don Lemon (What a fitting name!), Van Jones, who on election night flew into a tirade when it became obvious that Trump had won the election, and called it “Whitelash!”wondering what he would tell his children. Imagine if anyone on Fox had referred to Obama’s two election victories as “Blacklash!” Do you wonder what Jones tells his children about the murder rate in Chicago where hundreds and hundreds of blacks have been killed by other blacks in their neighborhoods? So, I liked your letter to USAA about choosing CNN to advertise. I will wager you get an answer, but it will be mushy and not offering you a good explanation. But the only counter to these ultra-liberal cable news outlets like CNN, and, even more so, MSNBC, is to do what you threaten. Money talks, BS walks!

    1. You nailed it my friend, Dennis. As you, there was a time when I, too, watched CNN rather than FOX to get a fair and balanced news broadcast, but no more. They are almost (but not quite) as bad as MSNBC. My hope is that all my USAA readers on here, FB, and LinkedIn write a letter as well. I’m also sure I will get a reply, but bet it will not be from Mr. Parker, but some mid-level person with some lame reason as to why they chose CNN, but I will also respond to that reply. I am miffed. I can’t remember ever seeing a USAA ad on FOX, maybe somone out there has and will comment?

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