Islamic Group Turns Down Trump Money to Fight Terrorism

Well, we taxpayers have just saved $800,000. That was easy. They accepted the money offered by their “brother,” but now reject it from President Trump. It’s amazing how he keeps on saving us money! However, what is disturbing about all this is their mission: “to serve the community and to bring our community to a position of excellence.” Really? How about bringing your community into America by accepting our values and laws, and helping us to fight terrorism?


A California Islamic school has become the fourth Muslim group to turn down federal funds to fight terrorism under President Donald Trump’s administration, funds they had been receiving under a program developed by former President Barack Obama.

The Bayan Claremont graduate school’s board made the decision to turn down $800,000 in federal funds made available via the Department of Homeland Security through a program created under Obama known as countering violent extremism, or CVE. Officials say the program is aimed at fighting terrorism by attempting to undermine extremists’ abilities to recruit terrorists around the world. Fox News reports the rejection of the funds was borne of a desire to disassociate from Trump.

[T]he fledgling school’s founding president, Jihad Turk, said “officials ultimately felt accepting the money would do more harm than good.”

“It’s “a heck of a lot of money, (but) our mission and our vision is to serve the community and to bring our community to a position of excellence,” Turk said. “And if we’re compromised, even if only by perception in terms of our standing in the community, we ultimately can’t achieve that goal,” he said, adding that accepting the funds would be short-sighted.

Originally published by The Blaze.

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