One thought on “We Are a Society of Cowards”

  1. I doubt I will ever go to Britain again. I use to love the place. Then, slowly at first, more and more people from other cultures came in. More and more signs in Arabic. Side Note: “Please press 1 for English”

    Massive numbers of people with entirely different cultures and no desire to embrace the culture of the country they are coming in to….just doesn’t work. Immigration works is the numbers come in the garden hose version and not the massive fire hose version and not in a short period of time. The Brits….and us too…..ought to insist that if you come to America (our stadium, our rules). You do things our way. You don’t have to completely deny your culture, but anything that flies in the face of ours needs to be modified by you.

    If you don’t like our culture. Don’t migrate to our country. Simple. Stay at home and fix your own countries. How’s that for an idea?

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