But is it? Actually, when you get right down to it, nothing this fellow did or will do is beyond the realm possibility and in most cases expected. How can any American consider this guy a patriot after all he did while in office for eight years to tarnish the name of the United States. And now, he fires one last shot across the bow, one final slap in the face, one last farewell action to remind us that he is who he is — a Muslim. He hates America, and tried desperately for eight years to tear apart our foundation, our culture, our identity, and our obsession and reference to that “piece of parchment.” This action was uncalled for, and a downright spit in our face. I refuse to even consider this animal a human being let alone an American. I honestly believe he has duped this country and only time will tell who and what he truly is. Sickening! Can someone out there explain to me how one can respect this piece of garbage; some liberal, please tell me what causes you to respect and follow this fellow. I am at a loss!



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  1. I’m with Jim on his feelings and assessment of the Obamanation. When this “man” was elected a second time I was also at a loss as to how that could happen. I slowly came to realize that the progressive liberals share his hatred of this country and all it stands for. Today I read of a middle school in Indiana that included in it’s classwork a paper on how wonderful it is to live under sharia law. Only parental anger caused this particular lesson to be pulled from the curriculum. the liberals want muslim law. They want the Constitution re-written or destroyed. They want the electoral college done away with. They are blinded by ideology and oblivious to the reality of what life would really be like without “right wing” law. Venezuela’s journey into Communism has produced starvation of such magnitude that cannibalism has started in that country. All I can do is pray that Trump is only the beginning of a trend back to the American ideals or we will be swept along in the lefts madness. Be careful what you wish for…

    1. I’m with you Hazel, keep praying, and especially for the safety of Trump, the secret service best be on their toes for I am sure there will be an attempt (s) on his life from the liberal left.

  2. Makes me sick…unfathomable..as to what this scumbag (Obama) had done now and behind the scenes during these past eight years! (thank God..he is finally out of office!!) That part is finally over!! Meanwhile..our Congress (including ‘our’ ..’so called’ conservatives..have allowed this crap to go on! It’s obvious that we have a bunch of Muslim sympathizers in the Congress..as well as a bunch of corrupt, non-Americans, that need to be ‘flogged’ and dealt with! (..all a part of the swamp..that will continue to be needed..to be drained!!)
    Obama is treasonous..there is no doubt about his character and his anti-American sentiment! Meanwhile..though he has left the office, he will continue to work behind the scenes to subvert and destroy our American values. He will be working behind the scenes to push for every Islamic Muslim immigrant..and he will continue to evoke racial division into our culture at every opportunity. Obama will be a divisive force after he sets up in his D.C. homesite. He will divide our country as long as he lives!! (..while he is alive!) That’s why the bastard needs to die..and, I that’s why I am so outspoken about him!! He is a dangerous man..cunning and undeniably corrupt. I’ll keep praying that he’ll run into a bullet..and for it to happen in my time!

    1. Jack, I love it when you mince words and hold back some. LOL I could not agree with you more. The man is is a piece of shit, UN-American, Muslim loving scumbag. Time will reveal many things he did while in office that we do not know about. What ceases to amaze me even to this day is how he found so many people to place in high positions to assist with his anti-American mission. Guys like Carter, Mabus, and all those flag officers that drank all that Kool Aid for all those years. Every one of them needs to be FIRED immediately before they have a chance to change directions with the new wind. I am with you Jack, thanks for your response.

  3. The awful guy is gone. Trump in two days has altered the discussion. Look at how we’re doing financially. I am dancing. Good people in DOD, DHS, etc. More to come. Shrinking govt. to the benefit of the economy. I am smiling. I have a feeling that is all going to get better and better.

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