Hillary’s Final Disgrace

I know this video is a few weeks dated, but it is so powerful (watched it twice) I just has to post it. Bill Whittle is always so direct and to the point, but he nails them all here. Hillary’s Final Disgrace And to all the idiots in this country who donated to her cause, I hope you get your money back — NOT! This is a must see.








2 thoughts on “Hillary’s Final Disgrace”

  1. Colonel Jim, 19 days and counting. I pray that Trump will surround himself with good and decent men. No worrying about a second term (him) nor making good money and having power (them). They collectively do what is right for our country. The question always ought be asked: Is good for the country? Why? Who profits and who loses? What are the probable outcomes? What is the worst case scenario? Where is their overlap in government? Why do we “need” all these departments, bureaus, agencies, commissions, etc? If we get good and smart….we’ll ALL win. If we get just more featherbedding and programs get more money thrown at them….after decades of failure….we all lose. The poor have got to be made to see that the rest of us WANT them to succeed. Poor people do not make anyone better off. We need to reward merit and not give out checks for bad choices.

    May our country become united again. May truth and honesty prevail. We do not need more and more meetings and seminars in Hawaii, CA, Las Vegas, Florida. All government meeting ought be held in Nowhere, TX, Last Chance, Kentucky, Up the Creek, Alabama.

    1. Amen to it all my friend; this month we celebrate one of my heroes on 16 January. Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, needs to google “I Have a Dream,” and read it in it’s entirety, and absorb it.

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