A New Day

It’s 1500 on the east coast. By this time tomorrow that scum-sucking, social deviate that’s been living in “our” house for the past eight years with his children and that likewise scum-sucking thing he calls his wife will be gone. I have been eagerly awaiting this time and day for a long, long time as I am sure some of you have been as well. At 1200 tomorrow a new vision for America will appear, and I feel confident it will be good for our once great nation.

The events tomorrow should go well since so many have said they aren’t coming. John Kerry for one. Will he be missed? I wonder if that POS was even invited, maybe The Don skipped him on the invites. I wonder of Barry and bride were even invited? LOL What about the fat pig, Rosie, will anyone miss her, and what about pretty Ms Meagan? See she is leaving FOX? Good, she was a liberal dressed in conservative garb all along, why else did she behave the way she did at the first debate. Now that she’s gone from FOX, listen to her new rant, it will be the “real” Meagan.

Geez, I am so looking fwd to tomorrow, aren’t you? I’m so excited I may not be able to sleep well tonight!

6 thoughts on “A New Day”

  1. I spent the afternoon crying from pride. Seeing the military bands, hearing American Soldier sung by Toby Keith, the fireworks that spelled out USA in red white and blue and seeing PRESIDENT TRUMP standing in the Lincoln Memorial with a military compliment lining the steps and railings. It was so beautiful my heart nearly burst with pride. Then they showed a child among the protestors. The child had lit a fire in the street and proudly yelled screw Trump. What a difference in the upbringing and dignity of the two groups.

    1. Yes, and those of which you speak (the latter ones) are the ones who have been running our our country for the last eight years. Their time will come, they have seen nothin’ yet!!!

  2. I whooped for joy when President Reagan took the oath in 1981.
    I won’t be able to contain myself tomorrow.

  3. Jim, it is not healthy to hold all that in. You need to let go and fully express yourself. You will feel much better afterwards!

    By the way, I fully agree with those tepid exhortations of yours.

    Thanks for maintaining our blog.

    We all love you, bro!


    1. Thank you Doug, and you are right, I really need to stop holding back. LOL Today at approximately 1205 I will trash my blood pressure meds, won;t need themn any more…..LOL

  4. I am with you Col. Looking forward to tomorrow as well – good riddance asshole . Go Donald – make us the proud warriors we should be🇺🇸

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