Have a Kleenex Handy

It appears now that I have posted this story, and it has gone somewhat viral that it may have been a fabrication of some irresponsible, sick scumbag; therefore, I have deleted the content in case it is not true. Sorry, and I apologize. If found to be true after researching it more, I will post it again.




4 thoughts on “Have a Kleenex Handy”

  1. Ut oh, the story is starting to unravel. Investigative reporters, as yet, cannot determine hospital; locate nurse; find boy in death records; etc. And the Santa, though sticking to his tale, is evasive. Sure hope not a fabrication.

    1. Oh dear. That would make it horrific for someone to post a story like that. Just the hint of of it being an untruth disgusts me. Should have vetted it more.

  2. I’m a tough old bird, but I honestly could not handle something like that. Bless the man that becomes Santa for kids that need him the most.

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