Absolutely Disgusting

I am appalled at this video, absolutely disgusted and everyone seeing it should be as inflamed as I. What kind of animals are these people? Is this the type of scum we want in our country. All those EU countries that have opened their borders and threw out the welcome mat have no one to blame but themselves. Will the next world war again be in Europe to help the EU countries take back their land? Think about it folks, this can happen right here in within our borders in the cities that have thrown out the welcome mat and even in some that did not throw it out, but that POS in the WH did it for them. Save us Mr. Trump, for we know not what we have done.  Watch this video PLEASE! It is happening in a mall near Paris.

2 thoughts on “Absolutely Disgusting”

  1. And once again, did not see one Frenchman or Christian stand up to defend the meaning of the tree. Please, come try this at a mall where I, my wife and 6 Month daughter happen to be. I may die as a Marine some day but they will die as my targets THAT day. Fed up.

    1. Concur David! The French have always been wimps from day one. They brought all this on themselves, now they have to figure away to get out it on their own. Twice American lives were lost bailing themn out. Like the classified ad, “French Army rifle for sale, good shape, only dropped twice.”

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