More Jobs Keep Coming Back

I wonder why all these jobs are coming back to the US. Care to guess? The winds of change bring curious results. Is someone out there keeping track of all the new jobs “The Don” has created or promised to be created by CEO’s, and this is even before he becomes the President? Why wasn’t the POS or his lackeys doing this all along? Easy, they wanted to keep everyone down. I can’t wait for 20 January.

Donald Trump has convinced Sprint to return 5,000 outsourced jobs to the U.S.:

Weeks after meeting with Sprint Corp. Chairman Masayoshi Son, President-elect Trump announced Wednesday that the wireless phone company will soon move thousands of outsourced manufacturing jobs back to the United States.

“We have some very good news,” the incoming Republican president told reporters outside his beachside resort in West Palm Beach, Fla., Wednesday afternoon. “Because of what’s happening and the spirit and the hope, I was just called by the head people at Sprint and they’re going to be bringing 5,000 jobs back to the U.S. They’re taking them back from other countries.”

Trump also announced that OneWeb, a space startup in which Sprint has a 40 percent stake, plans to hire 3,000 Americans in the coming year.

On the surface, this is good news. We’re happy Americans are being put to work. We hope the President elect is using his powers of persuasion, and not corporate welfare handouts to get things done.


One thought on “More Jobs Keep Coming Back”

  1. No wonder THE Obamanation is bent out of shape. Trump is making him look bad. He told Trump to ” remember, there is only one president at a time.” Now for revenge he’s stirring up as much trouble as possible for Trump to deal with when he gets in. Notice main stream media is not mentioning Trumps work to bring jobs and save money? They refuse to give credit where it’s due. The Don. I like that. Hope it spreads around.

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