What’s left to Say?

I assume my followers were wondering what I was going to come out with this morning. Well? It was a late night, didn’t hit the rack until around 0400. When I awoke a few hours ago, I ran to the TV and turned it on just to make sure it wasn’t all a dream. Thank you Lord, it was a divine intervention, and I am riding a wave of euphoric elation. First the Cubs, then this. WOW!

I don’t know what to say except it happened, it happened against all odds, every pundit, anchor, pollster, and political science major got it dead wrong from the get-go! This election will be studied for years by poly sci professors. How in the world could everybody, and I do mean everybody get it so wrong you may ask? Well, they forgot to listen to the people, they were too busy looking at everything through their own colored glasses and then putting everything into “their” little compartments and came up with the obvious answer.

My flag will continue to fly proudly, we won! God bless the United States of American and HER Marines…our birthday is tomorrow — 241 years old we are!


10 thoughts on “What’s left to Say?”

  1. Lots and lots of happiness in our house. Our daughter – married to Gunny Mike – they’re ARCH Trump supporters as is most of the military – called in in glee around mid-night as the tide was really going Trump’s way and then called about 0300 when it was called officially for Trump. Giddy with happiness. And Happy Birthday. Time flies, eh? I was going to Bootstrap when the 200th Birthday was held. A tough year. Saigon fell. Damn politicians.

  2. I’m over the moon with happiness! My ladies group (mostly liberals) are apoplectic and don’t want to even speak to me..as if I personally ruined their socialist dreams!! HAHA. I’ll celebrate without them by going to the range with my AR15 and give Trump a nice loud salute. I may even wear red white and blue! Meanwhile, a Yale professor told students that the midterm tests are optional if they are too upset by the Trump victory! Other students in Arizona and California are walking out of classes in protest–yeah that will help. I would love to have been a fly on the wall at Newsweek magazine after the Madam President cover–or Huff Post after a year of insulting mockery. To quote a children’s program, ” it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.”

  3. What’s left to say? Well, you pretty much said it all–and quite well, too, including in your literary praise and thankfulness for the miracle of the Cubs! Except for this: The outcome of this election was such a miracle, perhaps the biggest of our lives, that I wish to, with your permission, expand on your main points and bring to light one other. If Lyin’ Hillary could not defeat The Donald–OOPS! I meant The President-elect Donald–with all his numerous foibles, countless barbed politically incorrect characterizations, getting caught on tape bragging that he could grab any woman by their genitalia without penalty, and too many other faults and pratfalls to list, let us be doubly thankful for not electing what could be the dumbest politician I may have ever not voted for! Imagine, DT set her up so many times with instances of “frat house” language and conduct that no one would have much objected had she just been awarded the election last June. But all that stuff did was make her as complacent as a death row inmate knowing full well he’d die of old age long before any gas chamber could ever harm him. She trimmed her campaign schedule to near nothing (until recently when the “new” email scandal came alive again) so confident that she was a shoo-in. A classic turtle-and-hair race–another boondoggle in her eyes. So although I said she may be “the dumbest politician,” if one digs deeper they will unveil the true nature of her complacency: The Hillary Clinton “Sense of Entitlement”, a lifelong affliction of hers–exactly what cost her the first presidential race thereby losing to Barrack Obama. In her mind, she was Hillary Rodham Clinton, and had earned the presidency as a matter of a grateful nation’s gift for her service. That is the real danger of Hillary, that was the basis of her illegal email server in her residence, that was behind Whitewater, the Rose Law Firm caper, and other examples of the Clinton’s, especially Hillary, living in two worlds with different legal obligations, most not applicable to her. So I temper my description of her as dumb by saying she is just afflicted with her “entitlement” malady–and that is why we are so very lucky to have seen her defeat yesterday.

    1. Thank you kind sir, for both the good words and the wonderful addition — you are so right. I like the descriptive term “Entitlment malady.” Fits her well! She had so much MSM support from all corners of our country (and abroad from countries with $), and still got her rectum handed to her. Thank you Dennis! oh, and Happy Birthday Marine.

  4. Col. When I walked in to my office today, (98% Dem) you’d have thought someone died. I felt so bad for everyone I offered to buy them all a bottle of Midol, some cranberry juice and finally some wine… πŸ˜‰

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