Trump or Her. That’s it!

Another barn burner from Col Andy.  And an opportunity for me to say something to the voters. There are only two choices here folks, but you say whoa, there are several running. That’s true, but you still only have two to choose from. A vote for anyone, except Trump (even Micky Mouse) is a vote for “Crooked Hillary.” Do you really understand that? As my neighbor said to me that although he is a member of the GOP, he cannot vote for Trump because he has too much baggage, (yeah I know, I damned near fell off my porch laugfhing when he declared that asinine statement). So, he is going to vote for one of the other near-do-wells running.  Okay, there is a GOP vote for Crooked Hillary, because all the other guys running don’t count.  Perot got Clinton elected. So if you claim to be a member of the GOP and you do not vote for Trump OR you do not vote at all you are electing Crooked Hillary.  Thanks. Not!


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