Today is Special!

I woke up this morning, made a cup of coffee and settled at my computer to check mail as I knew there would be tons of it. I scanned down the subjects and saw a name that caused my heart to skip a beat, “Uncle David (Sgt. David F. Langley).”

For those who have read my book that name might ring a bell. What a surprise to read that email, I choked up, fought back the watery eyes, while memories swirled through my head. I closed my eyes and actually saw him standing in his dress blues. The email was from Sgt Langley’s niece. She opened with,

” How amazing life is….As I was searching online this morning for a picture of my Uncle David to post on Facebook, I found an excerpt from your book about him! Of all days, to have discovered that, on NOV 10, the Marine Corps Birthday.”

If you want to know the story of her uncle, go to page 239 of the book. I must warn you that it is sad.

I am amazed how the internet has allowed us to connect with people we actually never met, but have a link to our past, or to reconnect with a long-lost friend,  a ghost from our past, or a fellow warrior.

* * * * *

Today is the day, I have to keep my phone in my pocket, which I don’t normally do,  and have to charge it repeatedly . Why you ask? I am usually on the phone all day calling and receiving phone calls to/from people I love!

Two hundred Forty-one years ago we were born in a Tavern named Tuns in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I always thought it proper that we were born in bar.

039d06f75cb623b3d6276c7107fe2f14To all my brothers and sisters out there, raise a glass of your favorite libation, mine is single malt, but whatever your choice, and drink to every Marine who has ever served or is still serving. We are not a clan, group, alum, or any of that stuff, we are family. And I love my family dearly!

Happy Birthday Family!

The Marine Jim Bathurst

I know this is last year’s version, but I still love it!–Madison-Rising–MUSIC-VIDEO

8 thoughts on “Today is Special!”

    1. Thank you so much Bill, we did have some great times together, did we not? Oh, the memories of days gone by! Love ya brother. Some of my non-Marine readers may wonder why we, Marines, use the term “love” so easily, especially considering the current state of our society. However, as one reviewer of my book nailed it when he said,”We Marines all know we have loved more men than women,” and we still do, we love our Marine family!

  1. Thank you so much for remembering my Uncle David in your book. When I found your book online yesterday and read the excerpt about my Uncle, I could not have predicted the way it would have impacted my family. To be able to call my Dad and read to him your words about his younger brother was a watershed moment. My Dad carries tremendous guilt about returning from three tours in Vietnam, while his brother was KIA months after arriving there. Your words are a healing force to those that served and to the families that have been affected by the suffering of those that returned, and those that are still grieving for those that didn’t. God bless you and much gratitude for never forgetting.

  2. Oh, and by the way, as I have always said, I am your “Editor for Life!” as I once again demonstrate!

  3. COL JIM: I am certain that what you wrote about the niece of Sgt. David F. Langley and her miracle on the Marine Corps Birthday will pique the interest of millions of your followers–more so as a result of your mention of him as being written about in the book, and especially your statement, “I must warn you that it is sad.” I find nothing about Sgt. Langley on page 239?

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