Thanksgiving 1966

iwoFifty years ago today, I and my Marines were not having a feast, in fact, we were starving having not eaten for several days. No food, but lots of water as it had rained for three days, which is why we had not eaten (resupply helos could not get to us — monsoon season). Despite all that, Marines always find a way to pass the time and even find a little humor in our despicable situation. This photo was taken atop Hill 71 in Antenna Valley on Operation Mississippi. On this day, as I have done for fifty years, when the family gathers around the table and my bride gives the blessing, I remain with head bowed and quietly give a special thank you to Lord for having the feast laid out before and that I am still alive fifty years after this photo was taken. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Facebook friends, and especially to my fellow brother Marines!
Semper Fi, Sgt B

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