Now we know the rest of the story

3 thoughts on “Now we know the rest of the story”

  1. This piece of crap (Jill Stein) such a scumbag!! I can’t stand her..she is the epitome of corrupt, selfish, brash trash! She’s another flaming asshole like Pelosi and Boxer..just another clone of these kinds of female assholes! Sadly..I’ve learned much during these days of our Congressional re-elections for new memberships.., particularly females! Just how trashy, how contemptuous and how corrupt these female members can be..! Now I know why I have learned to hate most women..and not just Hillary!
    And,’s not just my old age..(caus’ ..I use to love most all of them..mostly..)

    1. Jack, why don’t you express your dislike of her without holding back? LOL I agree with you my friend, but I did have to laugh at your final words; mostly Huh? Take care brother!

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