Military Readiness

soldier20and20flag1…is a joke. If you think your military is ready to go to war , fight, and win you are living in a dream world. This article is but one example of how stressed they are with lack of funds, replacement parts, and training time. They are overworked, over deployed, and are dealing with a plethora of social experiments at the hands of leaders who have not a clue what the military needs, wants, and is all about. Now we seem to be on the verge of electing someone who hates the military, hasn’t a clue what they are there for, or how to use them. God help us, because it seems we are incapable of helping ourselves. We deserve everything we get.

The crux of this article seems to want to blame our POS President’s vacation with this mishap. While I believe it may have contributed to this tragedy, he (the POS in the WH) is definitely responsible for it due to the state of the military in general. What a POS!

2 thoughts on “Military Readiness”

  1. Not that simple congress depletes the military not POTUS…if anyone should know this is Col. B.

    1. Somewhat true, but not totally. Do not think for one minute that POTUS does not influence in matters dealing with the military since he is the CINC.

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