6 thoughts on “Who Investigates the Investigator?”

  1. Gen. Smelly Butler warned knew about corporate control and manipulation from within. It’s all about profits and power for the elite.

      1. LOL, understand Kevin, my big fingers play hell with typing and then the auto speller usually always picks the wrong spelling. Smiles. We all knew who you meant sir! Semper Fi Sir!

  2. We’ve both voted. We worked the polls handing out flyers as to whom to vote for on the Conservative ticket…..we need to keep the House and Senate, as you know. Most of the polls are favoring HRC today….7 Nov circa noon here in NC. By tomorrow night or the morning of the 9th we should know the results.

    1. Yes it is that Andy; boggles my mind. Loved your story in latest post, and of course, I knew of whom you were speaking ref the IG. My (our) favorite CMC bar none. Maybe Louis a close second.

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