Here We Go Again

You know what? I am so sick and tired of reading about this woman who could very well be our next POTUS. So, here’s another one dealing with her using her maid as one of her many secretaries to aid her as Sec State by printing documents that were clearly marked as classified. Big deal? Well, yes it is, but the point is, it is but one piece of her personality traits, her treacherous ways, her lying, her deceit, her carefree use of power, her disregard for the lives of others. The woman has so much baggage I am simply dismayed by how anyone can see past all that and pull the voting lever for her.  It has to be someone who does not think like me, or love this country as I do. It has to be someone who uses a gauge to select a person for the highest office in the world that is totally foreign to me. OMG We need a divine intervention here or we as a Nation are doomed.110416santos_05rs_135877826


2 thoughts on “Here We Go Again”

  1. i just listened to a speech where hilliary asked the people if they wanted somebody like trump leading our military I wonder why we don’t ask the military about such a question.

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