FINALLY – a beacon of sanity?

duncan-hunterI don’t want to boast. . . . .  er . . . . . . yes I do. What else would you expect from a Marine? He’d make a great SecNav or even DOD. Personally, I just like him to be SecDef so he could overturn all the idiotic things that Ash and Trash Carter and POS Ms. Mabus instituted during their watches. They have not done one thing that improved the fighting abilities of our men and women. Everyone of their initiatives was nothing but  social engineering of the military and to weaken them.

Trump adviser says military needs counter-revolution, reverse social engineering policies

A key congressional supporter of Donald Trump says the president-elect’s defense secretary should move quickly to reverse a number of social engineering policies adopted in the Obama years that “have cut down on the warrior mentality.”

Rep. Duncan Hunter, California Republican, told The Washington Times that the armed forces need a counter-revolution.   It should reverse at least three policies: women in the infantry, open transgender troops and the near-banishment of the word “man” from Navy and Marine Corps titles.

Mr. Hunter, a high-profile member of House Armed Services Committee, was one of the first in Congress to back Mr. Trump. He co-chaired the New York real estate magnate’s congressional leadership committee and promoted Mr. Trump in op-eds and media interviews.

The Trump transition team is considering Mr. Hunter for Navy secretary or even secretary of defense, a huge stepping stone for a 39-year-old former Marine Corps major.

Here is Mr. Hunter’s Pentagon agenda:

  • Reverse the December decision by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to open direct land combat jobs in the infantry and special operations to women.

Mr. Hunter said Mr. Trump should follow the recommendation of the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford.

Gen. Dunford was the Marine commandant when he recommended continuing the gender ban for infantry and special operations forces, citing Corps studies that show mixed-sex units are inferior to all-male. Mr. Carter and Navy Secretary Ray Mabus rejected his advice.

“Chairman Dunford has been in multiple combat tours,” Mr. Hunter said. “Probably the smartest person in the military, period, and he said leave special ops and infantry out of it. What’s happening now is, again, we’re taking our eyes off the ball and going down on these side roads.”

The Army and Marines are in the early stages of trying to mold women into the infantry. No woman has applied to be a Navy SEAL, and one failed at becoming a Green Beret.

“It doesn’t do anything to further our capacity as war fighters,” Mr. Hunter said of adding women in direct land combat roles. “It doesn’t do anything to make us more effective or efficient at getting the job done and killing our enemies and protecting our allies. It’s just a distraction. It’s not like there are thousands of women getting into the infantry now. It will never be that way.”

  • Nullify the June 30 decision to open the ranks to transgender service members and fund their sex-change procedures.

The Pentagon issued a detailed transgender manual that dictates the responsibilities of medical staff and commanders to shepherd troops through the counseling and medical process.

“Ridiculous,” Mr. Hunter said. “Overturn it immediately because it doesn’t make any sense. How does that help you fight and win wars? That’s what I think Trump is going to bring to this — some common sense. Period.”

“Having transgender operations paid for by the U.S. taxpayer is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of because it doesn’t do anything to help America project power or to fight and win its wars. Nothing. There’s no upside to it whatsoever,” the congressman said.

  • Overturn the liberal agenda of Mr. Mabus, a Democrat and former governor of Mississippi.

In particular, Mr. Hunter said, the Trump team should revoke Mr. Mabus’ September order to remove historic job descriptions, such as hospital corpsman and yeoman, from Navy enlisted ratings. Mr. Mabus also removed the word “man” from titles, though he left the rating “seaman” for the bottom three enlisted ranks.

Under Mr. Mabus’ edict, the Marine Corps also ditched the title of “man,” converting infantryman to infantry Marine.

“It’s the politicization of the Navy and trying to chip away at the war-fighting mentality,” Mr. Hunter said. “Liberals like Ray Mabus are offended by the war-fighter mentality. You can call it ‘manliness.’ You can call it ‘roughneck,’ kind of people who fight America’s wars. I think they offend liberal sensibility, the liberal sensibilities of the Obama administration and Mabus in particular.”

  • Ship naming.

Mr. Hunter also has been a persistent critic of Mr. Mabus’ theme of naming warships after liberal Democratic activists, such as farm labor leader Cesar Chavez and gay rights advocate Harvey Milk. He said it is not too late to remove those names in favor of naval combatants or trailblazers.

“There are a lot of great people you can name ships after that would give the sailor pride to sail on that ship. Harvey Milk isn’t one of them,” Mr. Hunter said.

“Why not go the Medal of Honor route?” he said. “If they are going to break tradition, why not go, ‘OK, we’re going to name them all after war fighters or great sailors or great leaders within the Navy or great explorers — people that had an impact when it comes to ocean-going?’ There’s plenty of people to name ships after.”

The Obama administration defends its emphasis on social change in the ranks.

6 thoughts on “FINALLY – a beacon of sanity?”

  1. Full picture…. sir I served with CAPT Hunter in Afghanistan. I believe I am the Marine pictured with him (in cammies). Do you have the full picture? SF LtCol K, USMC (RET)

    1. No sir, I do not. I googled “Photos of Duncan Hunter” so I had one to put on the post. Do the same and you’ll see many pics of him. What did you think of him?

  2. Dirty Duncan Hunter? No thanks. This is a man who stole about $50K from his election campaign to pay for personal things, like a new garage door for his home, video games, plastic surgery, Disneyland gift shop purchases, private school tuition, home utility bills, etc. (the list is ridiculous). then blamed it on his wife. Pathetic and disgraceful.

    No way should he be allowed to manage the entire DoD. In fact, he should also be drummed out of Congress. These kinds of abuses would have gotten him court-martialed as a Marine (although officers are generally shielded from the same level of severe punishments that would befall enlisted for the same transgressions, especially the son of a former US Rep).

    I’m sure we can find someone with integrity to undo the progressive agenda imposed within DoD. Hunter ain’t it.

  3. Get rid of troops having to wear high heels in order to empathize with women? Oh the horror! Just when our fighting men were getting used to lactation support! Make our troops learn to fight instead? How could that be? Just when lipstick was about to be handed out to all our young men…. May God save us from the damage that’s already been done to our brave young men. May Trump take all the right steps to get us back to sanity.

  4. Taffy took a quiz many, many months ago about which political leader she most likely was in step with. Duncan Hunter was the answer. You know, I am in step there too. BTW, get your hands on SCALES ON WAR by retired MajGen Bob Scales U.S. Army. A former artillery type, he believes – and proves it – that infantry are the most important thing…especially just now in the long war on terror….which will outlast our lives. I am 2/3rds the way through and you will like it lots. I have recommended it to my congressman, senators, the White House (when Trump arrives) and DOD.

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