Dear College Cupcakes

Once again Mr. Starmann presents us with a superb piece filled with facts, not innuendos, or suppositions. Our college grads, in general are pussies, pampered spoiled children who lack an educational foundation to enable think logically; they have been stained by a system that tells them they are important and have been given participation trophies all their lives. And now they are unable to grasp what has just happened. The MSM convinced them she was going to win, and the pollsters even added to it. Now OMG, what has happened to my world, I do not know what to do is their cry. Someone lied to me and told me I am loser for the first time in my life, and I cannot  handle it.

None of the historical events to which Mr Starmann speaks means squat to these kids — they were never taught about them by their Kool Aid drinking teachers nor their do-good, helicopter parents. I doubt that many of them can even identify what the first and third photos depict. What a shame, and it’s frightening to think unless there is a dramatic 180 in our education system and the treatment of these un-gifted zombies, they will be the leaders of tomorrow. America, we have our work cut out for us.

An open letter to America’s college cupcakes on Veterans Day

By Ray Starmann

Dear College Cupcakes:

America has watched for the last year or so, as our nation’s universities have been consumed by a new strain of left wing totalitarianism that has all the traits of the haunting Marxist dictatorships of the past.

Free thought and expression and discussion are disappearing from college campuses and being replaced by behavior and lexicons out of 1984.

In the greatest arenas of free speech across this land, you shriek and howl and cry and stamp your feet like two year olds when someone disagrees with you.

You have mental meltdowns when reading passages from the world’s greatest literature that somehow offend you in every conceivable way, shape or form.

You feel oppressed and terrorized when viewing someone in a Halloween costume that you dislike.

You are triggered by opposing views from Presidential candidates, who do nothing more than say things that you may disagree with.

When triggered by every imaginable word, phrase and action on this planet, you find it necessary to retreat to so-called safe spaces, where you will be further coddled by counselors, Play Doh and Bubble Guppy videos.

Like raving martinets, you accuse anyone you disagree with of being a racist, a rapist, a sexist or any other derogatory term you can create to soothe your tender and warped psyches.

You have been told for your whole lives how special you are and these fantastical words have been reinforced by the ridiculous behavior of helicopter parents and idiotic teachers who found it necessary to control every facet of your lives and ensure that each of you precious little snowflakes received a trophy, even though many of you only deserved a kick in the behind.

Your latest irrational tirades concern the election of PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP. Inspired by the lunatic behavior of your socialist professors, you are the laughing stock of the rest of the country as you hold cry-ins, need therapy dogs and hide under the covers in your dorm rooms because a man was elected President.

Today is Veterans Day, when we honor those who served, which I have no doubt none of you ever have. The nation particularly honors our combat veterans who drained deep the chalice of courage and who fought against real racists, like the Nazis; real boogeymen like the Imperial Japanese Army, the Chinese, Victor Charlie, the Republican Guard and the Taliban.



Today, at this very moment, as you tearfully meltdown because Donald Trump is our next President, our current military is in harm’s way in Mosul, fighting real sexists who call themselves ISIS.

King George, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Saddam, these were real threats, some of the greatest madmen the world had ever seen and our veterans fought and defeated them in hot and cold wars.


Our veterans, men and women, many of whom were your age at the time they served, never had the luxury to wallow in self-pity over imagined nonsense and monsters.

Their threats weren’t created in the hallowed ivory towers of Harvard Yard. Their threats were created in the British Parliament, in Bavarian beer halls, in jungle outposts and jettisoned across the globe to cause havoc and death. The only thing that stopped them, the only thing that prevented the world from descending into darkness was the US military and our veterans.

There were no safe spaces on Iwo Jima or Omaha Beach. There were no cry-ins on Bunker Hill or at the Frozen Chosin. There were no counselors in the Ia Drang Valley or at Khe Sanh. There was no time to protest imaginary enemies at Fallujah. The enemies were real and were doing their damnedest to kill Americans and destroy our way of life.

As I stated, our enemies were fighting against Americans who were mainly your age. I and many Americans have serious doubts that you aggrieved marshmallows could rise to the occasion and fight anyone, much less the Redcoats or the Waffen SS.


How and why America has gotten to a point where being a wimp is looked upon as normal behavior for young people is the subject of another article and a disgrace in itself.

Instead of claiming half the nation is racist for voting for Donald Trump, you precious little snowflakes might want to get off your asses and read about men who overcame real prejudice and racism and fought for their country; like the Tuskegee Airmen.

Instead of being offended by words in books, you precious little cupcakes might want to step out of your safe spaces and read about American matadors at places like Trenton, the Wheatfield, Seminary Ridge, the Meuse-Argonne, the Bulge, New Guinea, 73 Easting and Tal Afar.

As for the election, get used to saying President Trump.

Suck it up buttercups.

Ray Starmann

Editor in Chief, US Defense Watch



3 thoughts on “Dear College Cupcakes”

  1. Someone needs to tell this to our over inflated tall toddlers. They aren’t learning anything at these expensive colleges. A college grad once said to me that there never WERE any real wars. They’re just made up in the movies. The same grad thought California was next to New Jersey. What are parents paying for? What’s worse then even that is Common Core school books all come from a muslim publisher owned in Qatar. (never could spell that right) The result is 40 pages on the glory of Islam in history books and a paragraph on Christianity. It’s too late for the snowflake generation. They are lost. But unless this country and hopefully, the new president, makes radical changes and soon, we will all be lost.

  2. I agree to a point. You seem to forget that there is still real racism right here and that it is not everyone’s imagination. This is only a one sided perspective by people who fail to acknowledge the perspective of other people. Those other individuals point of views are just as valid as yours and that’s what makes this country great.

    Semper Fi, Ron

    1. Yes, there is racism in our country, always has been and always will be. However, I believe it has been raised to a level not seen in many decades. We are human beings not programmed robots. We have all the human emotions that cause pre-judgements that more often than are not false. I disagree that Mr. Starmann, or I, have only considered one perspective. Those other points of view may well be, in your words, valid, but that does not make them right or based on any logical assumption other than emotions. And yes, that’s what made this country great, whether it will continue to do that in our current society remains to be seen. I will withhold judgement on that perspective till sometime around 10 April 2017

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