Chicago Cubs are being forced to give up their World Series title.

Cleveland  Indians fans have rioted across the country in protest of the 2016 World  Series. Despite knowing the rules of the game prior to playing, they were  unhappy they lost and demanded the outcome to be changed. They could be  heard chanting “Not Our World Series Champion” all across  America.

Even though the Cubs won 4 games and the Indians only won 3, since the Indians scored more total runs throughout all 7 games, they  are being declared World Co-Champions.

When questioned,  Commissioner Manfred stated, “We felt as though it was the right thing to do  for the nation. What kind of example would Major League Baseball be setting  if we expected the adults who play this game, and their fans, to gracefully  accept defeat? Instead of creating a bigger divide between the Cubs and  Indians, MLB is confident that the Cubs will gladly share their victory with  the Indians.

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  1. Popular vote or Electoral College? Our founding fathers designed our Constitution insuring no single state could amass power completely over all other states in our nation in the establishment of our Senate with each state having the exact same number of senators.

    Then the states of Maryland and Virginia donated land so that our nation’s capitol would not be located in any single state which is the District of Columbia. Total control of that District was given to Congress and for 200 years it remained in that role. Then as more and more who either worked for our government or the city that grew in the District or lived on welfare and, yes even crime, swelled they began demanding the right to elect their own mayor and city council, but OH, you Congress (the other states) must continue to pay a large share to run OUR city!

    Next came a demand to vote in national elections followed by “We demand representation in the House and Senate via “shadow” senators and representatives who cannot vote, but can speak, be paid (by you and me of course) and enjoy all the other perks of being a member of Congress. The cry of Statehood for the District of Columbia began as a “right” they are entitled to have with total disregard for the restrictions originally placed on the “gift” of land by Maryland and Virginia when originally donating it to our nation.

    Statehood has been a cry that our western expansion across our nation giving us 48 states across our North American Continent. Then we granted statehood to Alaska and the island of Hawaii. We have spread across the Pacific ocean a number of possessions and territories along with the island of Puerto Rico. For over 100 years Puerto Rico has been happy to remain a Territory while a large number of it’s resident’s demand freedom from the US. Today the cry for Statehood is dominant because they are sinking under huge debt and view Statehood as a blank check to be paid by the other 50 states.

    Let’s explore granting statehood to the District of Columbia. Wouldn’t the original agreement of donation have to be honored? If so how to give all those citizens who of mistreatment and misrepresentation? That’s simple! Reduce the are of the District of Columbia to the central area where our Capitol, Mall, buildings of our nation and White House sit and the land within that immediate boundary under the original intent of the land donation with total control by Congress as it originally was. Return all the rest of the land back to the states of Maryland and Virginia and problem solved.

    But let’s consider the reality of granting statehood to the District of Columbia. It is a small to medium sized city in land mass and population. So it is granted statehood! Logically we could anticipate, as there have been rumbles of heard very recently of; NYC, Chicago, LA, Seattle, San Francisco and a host of other large cities could be demanding the same treatment and in short order the genius of our founding fathers insuring no area of our nation amasses to much control of our nation would be destroyed!

    Who would benefit most from this should this movement gain steam? The mob who thrives on public welfare who can and should be working at gainful employment. Whole states would be cast further into debt with the loss of those city’s taxes, though they would no longer be subsidizing their welfare and such directly!

    There has come a time in our history as a nation that WE, you and I, have failed, our schools have failed (and we permitted that to happen) in teaching and instilling into our children the deep respect, love and pride we were gifted with by our parents. No we didn’t do it totally, but it has been a gradual erosion from the Pilgrims and others who fled Europe because of religious oppression, to those who fought for and established our Independence from the Old World, to the Pioneers who spread our nation to the Pacific, fought a Civil War to defend the right of the Union against Secession from that Union and stamping our Slavery, twice fought World Wars saving Europe and protecting the Pacific, twice fought the spread of Communism and now are fighting against the violent dark age branch of Islam. We see it via our liberal news media’s choice of stories of heroic figures who refuse to stand during the playing of our National Anthem, declare rioters and arsonist who destroy and steal because certain “leaders” rush to judgement only to find later it was all a big lie, or “demonstrate” (often while being paid to do so) over the result of a national election in which a great many of those “demonstrators” never even bothered to vote. Today we have far to many of our children and young people who are given a diploma, or simply quit school and expect, no demand, to have all the possessions you and I have worked an entire life time to earn, work less and be paid as much (if not more) than our years of hard labor and effort have gained you and I!

    WE have given birth to a generation of “ME & I citizens who only care about themselves with little knowledge of our history (that that they don’t like they simply rewrite to suit themselves), civics, reading, writing, arithmetic and a host of other common things we were blessed to have learned!

    “WE REAP WHAT WE SO” and “THE BIRDS HAVE COME HOME TO ROOST” are ring out crystal clear to me in my sadness of having been a contributor to what I see across our nation this morning!

    Semper Fidelis

    DB Wright

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