Can you believe this?

I can. I would not put anything past these scumbag HRC supporters. Oh Lord, how I wish these liberal %$#&^’s would come and try to vandalize my property, it would be their last act in life! I’ll make sure they would never walk again. Come and get me you liberal derelicts, I’m easy to find, but you best bring a squad, better yet, make that a platoon.

Navy Veteran’s Home Torched and Vandalized with Anti-Trump Graffiti

Navy veteran Matthew Smith returned home after spending the night with relatives to find his house in Plant City, Fla., heavily damaged by fire and vandalized with obscene anti-Donald Trump graffiti. Smith believes his home was targeted because of his support for Trump.

“It’s not what I expected out of America,” Smith told a local Fox affiliate. “It should be us figuring problems out together. Not one side against the other.”

Smith and his wife, Brittany, said they had supported Trump since he announced his candidacy for president in 2015, but never publicly identified themselves as Trump supporters by, for example, displaying a campaign sign in their yard. “We were all very nice to everybody,” Brittany said. “We got along with people. So it’s very odd.”

Matthew was not shy, however, when it came to expressing his political views on Facebook, where he said he frequently posted comments in support of Trump, gun rights, and other conservative causes. He also flies the American flag in front of his house, along with the Navy flag and a black flag supporting prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action.

Police are investigating to determine if there is a link between the attack on the Smiths’ home and similar incidents in nearby Mango, Fla., where two mobile homes were recently defaced with anti-Trump graffiti. One of the attacks reportedly involved at an attempt to set the home on fire.

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