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I awoke this morning, grabbed a cup of strong coffee, and settled in to check mail. Went to Facebook , nothing new to read except “What’s on your mind,” it asked me.

007(email)What else could be on my 75-year-old mind, it’s election day, I must go vote. However, I have a lingering fear that my vote will serve no useful purpose. I never used to feel that way, it’s something that has slowly surfaced over the past two decades or so. Our government has become so corrupt, so fractured, so hamstrung, and to be honest, so useless. The common man means nothing to those in power, we are but pawns to them. We now have a new slave population — the owner is Uncle Sam, a Millennial population that condemns me for creating the mess we are in, and are convinced they and they alone can solve our ills, that is as soon as they move out of mom and dad’s house.. This election day is nothing more than a shame, a Banana Republic election. I will not stay up late tonight and listen to the talking heads rant and rave and predict; this truly is their heyday; they get all giggly and excited as they have been waiting for this day for at least two years.

Although I fear my vote means nothing, that will not stop me from going to the polling station wearing a red outer garment and take advantage of the safeguard the founding fathers believed would save the Republic. Hmm, little did they know what evil lurks in the minds of men (and women)!

Have a great day America, it may be your last chance to have one. Semper Fi, Jim Bathurst, Patriot, Marine, Swinger of Birches.

distress3_zps8318f4d4PS, Tomorrow morning I might have to turn my flag upside down, for my country may truly be in a crisis. That is, unless there is a divine intervention more powerful the corrupt intervention of the powerful and elite criminals in our country.

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