Criminals at Work


Is this disgusting or what? And do not be naive to the point where you think these are isolated incidents! I live in a state where I do not trust any thing run by the government, they are all power-hungry money grabbing crooks! Click on the below link and watch crooks at work, all trusted women at polling places during the primary. The question is whose names were on those ballots they are stuffing, what candidate. Of course the libs will say they were Trump ballots. Really? That’s laughable since he did not get one vote is 31 districts in Ohio. LOL




Democrats Busted On Camera Stuffing Ballot Boxes

5 thoughts on “Criminals at Work”

  1. What astounds me is very few people even care! Clinton’s supporters will barely acknowledge she has ever done anything wrong…evidence, facts apparently do not matter. If only the GOP would be that supportive!

    1. Rick, the GOP are worried about their links, their money supporters, they aren’t worried about our country. They have had control of both houses and what have they accomplished? Absolutely nothing. Trump will turn the entire government upside down. He will appoint people that are the SMEs in their areas, just like Reagan did. He is a last and final hope!

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