Col Andy continues with great posts that need to be shared. He has hit something with this one that I am really stirred up over. If any one thinks this election will be a valid litmus test of Americans’ values, moral codes, and integrity, you my friend are living under a rock, and a big one at that! Just look at the reported incidents during the Romney/Obama election. While I cannot validate the numbers, I have read many articles and I believe them. And I am certain this time around it will be even worse. I live in a state that is known for its voter fraud. Why is the famous motto of “Vote early and vote often” always associated with IL. I told my bride that when I die, please bury me in IL so I can continue to vote.

Some samples:

In 59 districts in Wood County, Ohio, where GOP inspectors were illegally removed from their polling locations, Obama recv’d 100% of the votes, Romney got zero, a statistical impossibility. In St. Lucie County FL, 175,574 registered voters cast 247,713 votes. Palm Beach County, FL had 141% voter turnout. And the list goes on. No wonder the liberals are against Voter ID’s.

Someone recently passed the word that all GOP voters need to wear a red shirt/ jacket/outer garment to the polling places. Hopefully, the TV news folks will be there filming. The when those 59 districts in Wood County, OH end up with 100 % Clinton votes, some serious questions will need to be asked. But then, who will there be to question it? The media surely will not.

I do not blame Trump for not answering the question about supporting the election results no matter what.  He would have been a fool to have answered yes. Mark my word there will be so much fraud this time around that we will be the laughing-stock of the world. 

And now for Col Andy’s post:


One thought on “MR. TRUMP’S BOLD STAND”

  1. Thank you, Sir, for republishing.

    For me this election, between two touted as “flawed candidates,” is being cluttered with noise. Simple it is: Between a candidate attacked for sometimes saying dumb things and alleged to have done improper things or a candidate that is a substantiated lying criminal selling out our country with the scope of her crime(s) being exposed daily.

    For whatever Mr. Trump is he is yet to be proven a scheming criminal operating against the core upon which America was founded.

    The essence: Mr. Trump “flawed.” Mrs. Clinton a (felon) criminal. Moot all else.

    Mrs. Clinton must be not only stopped but charged and tried. And she’s but one on a long list. And not necessarily the top (crime) dog.

    PS That more is coming out this week about corruption at the top levels of the FBI should terrify, literally, every citizen. Imagine if Mr. Trump is not elected? I don’t want to.

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