Today every Marine mourns

Today is a day in 1983  that every Marine who was either on active duty or already retired will never forget. Each one of us knows exactly where we were when the news broke. The day when we lost more brothers in one day that any other day in our entire history. This is Col Andy’s best post to-date. A must read!

Thank you sir!!


One thought on “Today every Marine mourns”

  1. I remember this terrible day very well. I was at CLNC with Col Hilgers, an RM Capt, RNLMC Kapt. RNLMC Senior Sgt and about 15 Jr.officers and SNCOs. They were from a wide variety of MOSs. Hand picked. Purpose to teach cold we ops….and not miss anything…thus a wide variety ofMOSs.

    Ah, well. It hit us all hard. We knew some in the Bn and in the attachments. Too many yellow ribbons. Too many black sedans going round to too many houses and all the while each house having to deal with the horror of asking God….”Please don’t stop at our house…..and knowing when asking that some other person would bare too much grief and they probably knew that family.

    We were at war and we’re at war and it will go on for some time.

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