Paul Ryan is a FCJ

which stands for First Class Jerk. I said all along  he was the absolute wrong choice for the Speaker’s position. This fellow is a pure bred politician who need his nose wiped. I firmly believe he does not want Trump to win because he knows he will not get his way with him. He wants to be the big guy, the top dog in the pack of thieves, the larger than life person who knows and does all. However, under a Trump presidency, he will have to take a back seat (way back).

Now, I cannot attest to the fact that the headline here is valid, in fact, I have difficulty believing there were 70,000 American women raped by these low-life scumbags, but that’s not the point of the article. Just one is one too many, especially based on this POS’s record. What is going on in my country today? 


Criminal Aliens Sexually Assault 70,000 American Women — But Paul Ryan Targets Trump – Breitbart

2 thoughts on “Paul Ryan is a FCJ”

  1. Ryan also made sure the only budget cuts were for military retirees and disabled veterans. He approved plenty of money to help illegal aliens, abortions, Islamic refugees and all kinds of other crooked deals. IMO He’s not an honorable man.

    1. No he is not, he is a true blue politician who should have never been elected as the speaker, which shows the leanings of the rest of the so-called Republicans in the house. They all need to go this year if they are up for reelection.

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