Criminals at Work


Is this disgusting or what? And do not be naive to the point where you think these are isolated incidents! I live in a state where I do not trust any thing run by the government, they are all power-hungry money grabbing crooks! Click on the below link and watch crooks at work, all trusted women at polling places during the primary. The question is whose names were on those ballots they are stuffing, what candidate. Of course the libs will say they were Trump ballots. Really? That’s laughable since he did not get one vote is 31 districts in Ohio. LOL




Democrats Busted On Camera Stuffing Ballot Boxes

She’s a CROOK!

This is it, it should be over now, but the Hillary fans will still not accept the fact, yes, I said “fact,” that she is a criminal. If you cannot accept that she is a criminal, then, I am sorry your are a blind idiot. This is coming from one of the most liberal news programs on TV. Give it up folks, she is a lying, thieving crook! You don’t have to watch the whole thing, there is enough there to throw her ass in jail. Will the Attorney General of NY shut down the Clinton Foundation? I would not bet a nickel on that. They are all crooks! This is all absolutely crazy, what has our country become? This woman who is a proven crook could very well run our country (and the world) for the next four years. OMG wake up America!





Love the Brits!

Why is it the Brits plainly see what ignorant, self-centered, gullible, selfish Americans can’t? I reckon they are blinded by the light, that is the light of self-righteous indignation, and, of course, it helps that many are currently living under a rock — the rock being government handouts. Great Post Pat, keep them coming. Maybe an American or two might learn something!



We Want The Truth – We want Trump



You go girl!

Wow, where did this woman come from? I’ll tell where she came from, the south side of Chicago. She literally took control of this interview on WGN in Chicago! Watch and be dismayed at how she handles the anchors!wgn

A must watch video!

Some one emailed me this link. When I clicked on it and saw how long it was,  I thought to myself there is no way I’m going to sit here and listen to this entire video. However, within the first minute I became hooked and watched the entire video, not once by twice. Then I read the comments. It ceases to amaze me that some people cannot accept facts, Like the old saying goes, “don’t confuse me the facts, I’ve made up m mind.” So Sad

One comment was, “Liberty University is a Republican University.” To which I replied, “Although you are incorrect, what’s your point? Liberty University is a conservative University, one of very few left in our country.” My point was there is a broad difference between Republican and Conservative; the latter is an ideology, while the former is a political party. I am an arch conservative, I vote for my country, not for personal reasons. 

Share this video; every American, regardless of  what side of the aisle they sit. Share it now before it’s too late.