Mabus – a pig in a suit


OMG RUSM, what next? What can we see coming from that imbecile Mabus before Trumps throws his ass out of office without any turnover for his successor. OMG

milkHere’s the hero Mabus named a USN ship after, convicted pedophile Harvey Milk, ain’t he cute, hasn’t he done so much for our Nation, how many children has he molested to-date? Wow, we have gone under as a Nation, if that woman gets elected, I promise I will fly my US flag upside down for the entire fours years, but then maybe she won’t last that long?


I have known a few Sailors in my lifetime, many were enlisted and damn proud of their rating. I know of one Boatswain Mate who is spinning in his grave over this tragedy, but then what does Mabus know, nothing, he’s lacky pig in a suit. Come on Trump, hurry up sir, we need you NOW!!!!













One thought on “Mabus – a pig in a suit”

  1. Any seaman on that Milk rig must feel so ashamed of his appointment–then again he may just be wearing lipstick and awaiting his sex change, courtesy of the American taxpayer. I’m not dead yet and I’m rolling over INTO my grave over the new policies coming from this obscene administration. And putting religion aside, even without it, the new Navy and military in general is destroying the hard core fighting spirit from the inside. Our greatest generation has morphed into our shameless generation.

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