A must watch video!

Some one emailed me this link. When I clicked on it and saw how long it was,  I thought to myself there is no way I’m going to sit here and listen to this entire video. However, within the first minute I became hooked and watched the entire video, not once by twice. Then I read the comments. It ceases to amaze me that some people cannot accept facts, Like the old saying goes, “don’t confuse me the facts, I’ve made up m mind.” So Sad

One comment was, “Liberty University is a Republican University.” To which I replied, “Although you are incorrect, what’s your point? Liberty University is a conservative University, one of very few left in our country.” My point was there is a broad difference between Republican and Conservative; the latter is an ideology, while the former is a political party. I am an arch conservative, I vote for my country, not for personal reasons. 

Share this video; every American, regardless of  what side of the aisle they sit. Share it now before it’s too late.


One thought on “A must watch video!”

  1. Fantastic video! I believe Liberty University is the ONLY conservative university in the whole country! Anyone paying big bucks to send their kid off to college had best consider what kind of indoctrination will they get at other university’s. D’Souza is a great speaker and wouldn’t be welcome at any other college. Like he said the truth is squashed or twisted to the purpose of the leftist colleges. It makes me sad that this video cannot be broadcast at prime time on every tv channel. I know, I’m dreaming.

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