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A letter to an editor, which one I know not, but it is the very BEST letter I have ever read that explains this election it terms even the most liberal American can understand, that is unless he/she feels we absolutely need a president of a different gender, for whatever reason I know not. I do not know Col Bob King, albeit we served at the oldest post of the  Corps, Marine Barracks, 8th & I, Washington, D.C., but before me by a few years. Bob, you nailed my brother!

Semper Fi Bob , and bless you Sir!  



If you deem it appropriate and sufficiently interesting to your readers, you could share with them my letter to the editor appearing below on the subject of the presidential election.

Absolutely the only way that we can save ourselves from the huge hole we are in is to achieve an astronomical level of wealth-creating prosperity, and the only way to achieve this is to motivate and mobilize our human and industrial potential to the same unprecedented levels that we achieved during WW II.  Adding to the urgency is the unacknowledged reality that we are already engaged in the first stage of WW III.

Bob King

(MCI & CGC, 1961-64)

To the editor:

At this point in our history, creating a tsunami of prosperity is the only option that will make achievement of this nation’s most urgent imperatives possible, including paying down our doomsday level of debt, restoring the solvency of Social Security and Medicare, eradicating Islamic terrorism, restoring sanity to the Middle East, holding dangerous rogue nations such as Iran and North Korea in check, halting illegal immigration and drug flows, coping with climate change and rising sea levels, providing health care for all Americans, modernizing our long-neglected infrastructure, ending systemic poverty and hunger in America — just to mention a few.  To merely redistribute existing wealth and income wouldn’t even make a down payment on the astronomical cost of these imperatives.

To try to achieve these imperatives without extreme prosperity will bring only bankruptcy and social dissolution.  To continue behaving as a superpower with borrowed money is a pathway to apocalyptic collapse.

Extreme prosperity is achievable, but only if Americans respond to the present crisis the way they did to the challenge of World War II, achieving the most rapid and massive mobilization of resources in all of history, reducing the formidable German and Japanese military juggernauts to unconditional surrender in just over three and one-half years while at the same time ending the Great Depression and becoming the world’s dominant economic, military, and moral power.  In this moment of great peril, we need leaders who can inspire a new “Greatest Generation” to make America once again the most industrious, accomplished, and wealthiest nation on earth.

In the “choice election” now before us, we have a candidate and party whose priorities will sacrifice any chance of prosperity. The futile policy of fighting the cosmic force of climate change rather than coping with it as it unfolds leads to all manner of measures that hold back our economy, such as suppressing the development and use of fossil fuels, thereby dramatically raising energy costs and destroying America’s competitive edge. Redistributive taxes and policies in the name of “social justice” destroy productive incentives and behaviors, likewise dooming us to a flat rather than expanding economy.  In the name of “social justice,” the Globalist wing in this candidate’s party openly believes that America must be brought down to Third World status through the mechanism of a massive voluntary wealth transfer.  Since this candidate has a record of holding impressive offices but notoriously no record of significant achievements, we can expect a huge gap between promises made and promises delivered, with America going nowhere.

We also have a candidate whose election would be a clear mandate to pull out all the stops for roaring prosperity.  This candidate has a remarkable record of achievement in his multiple fields of entrepreneurial endeavor, including massive world-class construction projects, and as producer and star of a top rated TV show, suggesting that what he sets out to achieve is likely to be crowned with success.  Along the way, he also produced children who are paragons of both character and achievement in the best American tradition.  That doesn’t happen by accident.

It will be an American tragedy if too many voters reject this candidate because he has a flamboyantly vulgar side to his personality. Many of our most revered presidents and other great national leaders have had similar and even much worse flaws, perhaps most notoriously President Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., yet historians have never seen these flaws as “disqualifying” and their place in history has not faded because of them.  More recently, Bill Clinton was a sexual degenerate in office, yet his administration was a notable success and he remains beloved among his party faithful and many independents of both sexes.  Indeed the last time we elected a President of famously impeccable moral character, Jimmy Carter, his administration was a dismal failure in all important aspects and America suffered greatly for it.

In this election, we need to think big, not small.  Whether we and our progeny will live in a triumphant world or an apocalyptic world will depend on our ability to do just that.

Robert D. King

Robert D. King

Madison, NH



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  1. Outstanding. Sure wish this could receive a “record” number of hits on the Internet/Social Media. Unfortunately, it will never see the light of day through our wonderful mainstream media!

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