2 thoughts on “Oh Hillary!”

  1. A few of my thoughts:
    1. We’ve elected crooks before, but we didn’t know they were crooks in advance. With Hillary Clinton, we know.
    2. For Leah Tysse. I’m a United States Marine. I’m requesting a 5 min. reach out and touch someone discussion regarding your disrespect for our National Anthem
    3. At least one difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is brutally honest. Hillary Clinton is brutally corrupt.
    4. Math from this Marines perspective: GOP leaders in battle + indecisiveness = death. What does that tell you about GOP leadership?
    5. This Marine is requesting 3 seconds with Robert DeNiro
    6. These are the men you honor when you “stand” for the National Anthem. For the Kaepernicks. Think about these Marines the next time you haven’t the reverence, decency and respect to stand and honor those fighting for your freedom. Task and Purpose: http://taskandpurpose.com/8-unbelievable-stories-from-the-second-battle-of-fallujah/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=share&utm_content=tp-share

    I’m exercising my freedom of speech and Colonel, you asked.

    Semper Fi

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