4 thoughts on “Thought You Should Know”

  1. There has never been a point when I would have considered voting for Clinton. Never. Long ago I would say,that I would vote for Daffy Duck before Clinton. Now (Aug 2016), so many criminal activities, treason, lying, violation of written laws and unwritten character, arrgh the list is too long…if any of us had done a tenth of what she has we’d in the slammer.

    So, never a vote for Clinton.

    But, what do we do about Trump. Jim, this is like that CWO out at SOI IN 1988. The guy was a grunt, former DI, mega tours in Force Recon. He knew his stuff. However, he literally could not put even two words out there without using the the big FOXTROT word.

    While all other officers and warrant officers were forced to attend some social functions, he was precluded from attending. I don’t think it was just an act. Though, bottom line, he was a real warrior and I was delighted he was in our Corps.

    But Trump? This guy just keeps shooting himself in the feet. He keeps alienating all kinds of various groups.

    There are plenty of Republicans that are scum, so having an outsider vice a politician is a plus.

    Still, despite the lefty media, academics and commies in Hollywood, he should be doing very much better and acting with more maturity and demonstrating a much better knowledge of world affairs.

    What do you say?

    1. Tad, I could not agree with you more. I love the guy, he says what’s on his mind, which is refreshing considering the political hacks we now have who are like a Willow tree that sways with the wind. I love that; however, the sick society to which we have become cannot handle the truth, they cannot handle candor, they cannot handle someone who speaks from the heart. We have fat pigs, we have news anchors that will not accept that fact that if she was ugly, not attractive, not sexy, she’d still be on the streets as a reporter. We as a society cannot handle the truth. Will Trump change? I doubt it, it’s who he is, he’s always been like that, and as a President he will still be that way. It’s sad, but true. Surely everyone in the GOP, RNC, family, advisors, and close friends have told him he needs to stop reacting to the liberal barbs they continually toss out and hooking himself, he needs to simply laugh it off. His “Ready, Fire, Aim” style will not endear him to the undecided or the independents, but only to those of us that are fed up, sick, and tired of the same old stuff! And he may get votes from those that understand that the Hildabeast is a criminal and should be behind bars. I’ve actually heard folks who said they will never vote for her, but are so afraid of Trump that they will simply not vote. That, is so un-American it’s unbelieveable. To give up your one right to help this country is sad. I have been having some down-right arguments on the net with Marines that love the Hildabeast, how can that be? Have they done any vetting to see what has happened to our military? No, they haven’t, they’ve become slaves to the system. I’m so disappointed in my fellow Americans I want to cry!

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