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AnastasiaOK, it’s time I took a break and posted something besides the terrible state of our once great nation. My bride, Nancy, has her own blog that deals with our hobby – – raising Siberian cats. Yeah I know, I catch guff all the time from my Marine brothers about a lean, mean, retired Marine Infantry Colonel raising pussy cats. So, please don’t go there. LOL

Nancy just posted her weekly blog for our pet parents and those on our waiting list, and I think she out-did herself with this one. Check it out and you decide. If you like it, make a comment on her blog, and mine as well if you so choose to do so.  Pass your mouse over the photos for the caption.

Life With Sly


Semper Fi;
Jim Bathurst
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4 thoughts on “Our Hobby”

  1. I’ll never make fun of a Marine with cats! I have 3 cats that allow me to be their housekeeper and 5 strays that are on the verge of moving in. Yes, dogs are great but I much prefer not having to walk my 8 little fur kids on a rainy day. Independent? Yes they are, but also a lot smarter then people give them credit for. Dogs are for young boys that can roll around with them but at my age I love a purring cat on my lap.

    1. Used to dislike cats before marrying my bride, now the house if filled with them one plain vanilla rescuse we’ve had for 11 years, five breeding Moms and One Male (came from Czech republic who has the life of Riley. Currently two litters of three each. Whew, talk about cleaning and sanitizing litter boxes, that’s all I do all day. Oh, plus two dogs, both rescues.

  2. Enjoy the photos looking good,,bring back memories. Of the good life.Have been following you was going to respond before but have not. This was to good. Take care and Semper Fi Henry

    1. Henry, good to see you on here my friend and brother. Read about yourself in the book yet? LOL For the folks that don’t know Henry. He and I served together in the Yokosuka Brig back in 1959-61, no we were “in the brig,” we were brig personnel. Henry had Starboard Section and I had Port Section as Cpl’s! Today, I am certain that assignment is for at least SSgt’s LOL You agree Henry. Damn that was a long time ago!!

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