Stop Listening to the Pundits

Let’s go seniors, it’s time for actions, and we can do it!! It’s time to shut the Millennials up as well as the left leaning media who keeps telling me that the Hildabeast is ahead in the polls.  Read this great article and get out there and VOTE!

2 thoughts on “Stop Listening to the Pundits”

  1. I read the article and the first thing that came to mind was announcing our troop movement on national tv so the enemy will know in advance what we intend to do. It’s a good and hopeful article but it also lets the enemy know where to attack. Enough already with giving them ideas. Even Trump knew enough to tell O’Reilly that he wouldn’t tell him his plans for the debates even if he knew for sure. They should shut up already! Let seniors or anyone else do a sneak attack at the poles.

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