Colin Kaepernick

ColinOne of my frequent readers queried me asking if I was going to sit out the news of this scumbag’s actions? I thought about it and decided this piece of garbage does not deserve any more news coverage than he is getting. So, having said that I will only add, look at what team he is playing for, a sanctuary city that hosts some of the craziest politicians known to the country. I never left my heart in there, so I have no reason to return. Oh, and BTW scratch the 49=ers from my TV listings. Nuff said!

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  1. Well, James, I commend you for your restraint and thoughtful position on this POS. As one of my coffee klatsch buddies noted this morning, Kaeperpoop is entitled to his opinion (we do value freedom of speech, right?), however ill informed. He and we hastened to add that his league mates are also entitled to their opinions and we are glad to see so many of them roasting this bench-sitter (during games as well). By the same logic, the 49-ers are entitled to cut him; sponsors are free to terminate contracts, etc., etc.. I think this weird, tattooed, ignorant dude is going to learn an expensive lesson.

    1. Yes Doug, they are all entitled to their opinions, as we are as well. He’s a scumbag. It will be interesting to see what the team leaders will do with this, not to mention the fans. But then it is SF, so who knows? BTW, I love the moniker you gave him – Kasperpoop! I love it.

  2. A multi-million dollar a year person whose job is to represent his employer, team mates, NFL and be a figure to look up to for young boys across America. He has this opportunity and employment BECAUSE people endured unbelievable ordeals, saw brothers in trenches alongside of them die, blown to bits and maimed for life. BECAUSE in our nation he is not forced to stand for the playing of our National Anthem, or presentation of our National Colors. But if he truly believes all he claims WHY isn’t he booking passage to the better place in the world he believes exists?

    I also wonder why one of his team mates did walk over and physically stand him up and hold his hand over his heart?

    Years ago with I marched in parades around our nation behind LT Jim Bathurst we used to say that when our colors passed the crown most people stood and put their hands over their hearts. In the South if someone failed to stand another citizen would assist them to stand and put their hand over their heart. BUT in TEXAS if you failed to stand as our colors passed by a Texan would stroll over, stand the person up, remove their cover, forcing into the subject’s hand and then insert the hand and cover into the A-Hole’s chest cavity in a respectful manner!



    Semper Fi


    1. Yes DB how well I remember those days, like the sailor who decided he had the right to play with our Color Sergeant’s ribbons (a Bronze Star with Combat V among them). I wonder how many teeth he had have replaced when the right guard, LCpl Sizemore gave him a horizontal butt stroke with his Springfield 03, and the entire drill team marched over the scumbag when I gave the unit forward march? And the crowd cheered!

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